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How do I photograph used clothes to sell?

Asked by Kokoro (1416points) July 26th, 2012

I was leaning towards putting the clothes on a mannequin or modeling them. I’ve heard it turns people off to buy clothing that they see is being worn on someone else.

What do you think? I just don’t like the boring clothes on hanger photos.

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Are you selling these on ebay? If so, Ebay has tips for creating better photos

Here’s an ebay clothes selling for dummies article.

This is a good starter for clothing terms to use when selling online.

I personally have an ebay store. My best tips for you to sell your items quickly & present them well:

-Use a white or light colored paper or sheet back drop.
-Use pure white lights aimed at the item
-For clothing use a mannequin or simply hang the item on the back of a (clean) door or put a hook on a (clean) wall to display.
-Measure the item and put the measurements in your listing
-Whenever possible give more details (Only worn twice, fits loose, fits like a size larger)

On a mannequin or on a model (no face shots) does sell items quicker…either that or find a stock photo of your item online.

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If you’re planning on having that business for a long time I would say invest in a mannequin! I saw at a thrift store that they were selling mannequin chests, Maybe there’s something like that in your area.. Or hey, keep it in the family.. I’ll bet you there’s someone selling a mannequin on Ebay! Hottopic uses human models to sell their clothes and they’re very popular! That isn’t a bad idea either.Good luck :)

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Lay them out on a bed with a nice, low-key quilt. Maybe in ensembles,

Buy a piece of masonite, kydex, gatorfoam and cut it out into your own simple flat mannequin shape. If you have a bit of an art lair, make it interesting, campy, or highly stylized

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I agree with @aquaticeyes. I keep a mannequin in the house for when I want to sell something online, which doesn’t happen very often.

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