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What do truckers do not to get bored when traveling far distances?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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Yellow Jackets (aka trucker speed), and lots of incoherent banter on the CB.

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Pick up hitch hikers.

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Who says they don’t?

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I was eating with some friends at Dennys, really late and we saw with our own eyes (outside the window) a hooker go inside a big rig.

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Pretty much it… seat covers and cb radios

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I’d install myself a satellite radio and a laptop like cops got not to get bored.

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I used to work for a trucking-industry trade magazine. CB chatter, cell phone with the wife back home, coffee & cigarettes, radio/CDs/iPod, fast food, lot lizards.

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Think about what they did wrong.
Or think about how lucky they are.

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What’s a lot lizard (or should I be afraid to ask)?

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pick up hookers?

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A lot lizard is slang for “lady of the night.” They linger in the big rig parking lots.

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Thank you, Kevin. Probably not an occupation that is covered during HS career day?

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My dad’s a trucker, he listens to satellite radio. And when he has too wait long periods of time at certain stations he watches movies on a portable dvd player, or reads while listening to the radio.

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What about exercise? Don’t those guys get all achey sitting sitting sitting?

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I’d pick up hookers…..just sayin

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@susanc – some truck stops have gyms, but not many. Most drivers don’t want to be too far from their rigs (and cargo which they’re responsible for), so going for a long walk or jog is out of the question.

It’s an impossible way of life, made even more difficult by rising fuel costs.

So try & give those truckers a break when you’re on the road. Let ‘em in if they need to switch lanes.

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Back atcha pup: I trust truckers – the professional drivers out there among the rest of us numbnutses. I follow their “road language” to the letter. I know it’s an impossible life and I would do a lot to accommodate them.

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In the uk they notoriously sweep the red light districts

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