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What makes a fear a fear?

Asked by charcoalwasp (101points) July 29th, 2012

What makes it a fear or phobia?
Do you have to hyperventilate or faint at the sight/sound etc of the thing you don’t like? Or do you just have to be made uncomfortable by it?
For example, I really don’t like Moustaches. I don’t have a problem with the people who have them, just the hair itself. they send shivers down my spine and I have to look or sometimes turn away, and even cross the road if someone is walking towards me. I don’t run screaming, or pass out at the mere mention of Moustaches, but I have been known to grimace and I even recoiled into my chair once
No shave Novembers are a real challenge…
Is this a fear? or just an intense dislike?
No offence to anyone with a Moustache of course…

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Phobias are irrational fears. No real reason for it. A fear is when you have a reason. I have mild tripledecaphobia. Fear of a certain number. Totaly irrational. I have a fear of snakes. I’ve been bitten by a snake before. Totaly rational.

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A phobia is when some kind of thing always makes you react, no matter what the situation—whether there is any reason to fear anything or not. A fear is a specific reaction to a specific situation, and is based on a specific threat, not a generalized threat.

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Consider this old term : Fear of the unknown or the lack of knowledge of any perticular thing : For example : If you were being stalked by someone and had no knowledge of who that someone was then this alone would generate fear , Learn to understand the thing that you fear the most and the fear of it will die .

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Fear can be defined as the condition or feeling of being afraid. IMHO it is one of the two great motivational feelings of the human experience, the other being love.

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Skidmarks on your undercrackers.

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It is a focused panic attack.
Something or some situation makes our brains “fight or flight” system go awry.

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