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Looking for good quality paper to make prints of an original drawing. Suggestions?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) August 3rd, 2012

Also, tell me where you can get it.


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Fabriano hotpressed illustration board as the link says (I haven’t used or seen one!).
He has posted a tutorial regarding drawing materials and he says he buys it from here.

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One would use the above referenced illustration board for the original drawing, not for making prints per se. The paper used to make prints would be entirely dependent on the type of print being made. (e.g., essentially ink jet printing vs other larger commercial printers like offset lithograph printing). The type of paper used to make these prints comes in big rolls.

Here is a pretty good explanation of different methods for making prints (at home) of your artwork or original drawing by another artist.

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@Kayak8 Thanks. I was under wrong impression then. I have drawn, but never printed or reprinted my drawings.

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@prasad No big deal, I am an artist who is trying to figure this all out for myself! Here is a link to Epson brand papers that (presumably) work with Epson printers and include both rolls and sheets of paper for making prints of your own artwork . . .

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