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How to get excited by shotput?

Asked by zensky (13357points) August 3rd, 2012

It’s a heavy ball. Big fat men throw it around 20 meters.

Any fans out there?

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I can’t. The only that which would be more exciting is move the judges closer so they have to dodge the ball.

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I always liked to watch shotput and I like hammer throw too! And discus!

They’re hard to do right, it takes strength and quickness.

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When I was a teenager, living in Chicago, the guy next door was a shot putter. He would put that shot clear over our fence and into our yard. He won bronze at the next Olympics. So I think of him and I’m still kind of interested.

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Turn the volume off, turn on Bob Seger, drink beer.

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I can watch it. It’s kind of like a dance. They have to get their footwork, balance and turns just right, plus have the brute strength to back up the finesse.

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It would be cool if they threw at stuff and broke shit.

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If you look hard enough you can see the Russian ‘ladies’ sweaty testicles.
They appear to be heavier than the fucking ball they’re tossing.

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If they were grenades we would see some awesome world records being set. I’d tune in ,hell yeah.

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Well, somehow beach volleyball became wildly popular as a spectator sport, maybe they should copy whatever the volleyballers did.

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Yeah. Get naked.

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Y’know, everytime I think that some Olympic sport is “crap”, I think about the training that actually goes into each one of these contestants. They’ve spent a lot of time, money and energy on these sports, so I respect them. I may not watch them, but I respect them.

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I have a feeling, @laurenkem that outside of shotput, you wouldn’t have much in common with Yevgeny, the 250 pound hulk who spent his whole life throwing around a steel ball. What is there to respect exactly? I am guessing here, but he eats 5 meals a day, throws around the ball, and sleeps.

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I was going to suggest what @jaytkay said, if the woman’s breasts were flying freely when they perform I bet the men would love it. Or would it be good only if they were skinny and beautiful?

I think it takes a lot of skill to do that little dance in the circle and then toss that thing like they do. I have never tried it and I wouldn’t want to watch it exclusively but it is interesting to see the finals. For some reason the events I find most boring are water polo, I just can’t get into that, regardless of what they are wearing. The other is the floor exercises of the female gymnasts. I am impressed with the tumbling, but what the hell is with all the prancing and posturing and sticking their butts out and giving themselves whiplash throwing their heads back????

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It’s old school Olympiad. One of the first games. The purists are watching intently.

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