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Olympic skating pairs: Why not toss the man?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) February 15th, 2010

Watching Skating on the Olympics last night and it occurred to me, Why does it always require that the male partner toss the female partner in the air to spin? I’ve seen some pretty strong women who would be more than able to toss a smallish man with no problem. Even my wife is bigger than Scott Hamilton! Am I thinking too much?

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i think that whole question was thoroughly addressed here.

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It comes out of dance traditions I think. I have seen some pairs skaters fling each other in a series of moves.

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Would leave an awful mess on the rink.Besides being thoroughly indecent I would have thought.

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@aphilotus I love that movie, kills me every time.

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Something about the beauty and magic, the flow and the rhythm is just totally destroyed when I picture a muscle bound woman tossing up a scrawny dude.

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Gender norms, obviously – god forbid a woman tosses a man…in my head, it’s possible, clearly, but this ‘disturbs’ people’s sensibilities

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Hmmmmm, dont women ‘toss’ men fairly frequently…?

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Agree. Toss the man, keep the skates.

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Partly size.
Partly tradition.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Well to be perfectly honest, the whole thing seems kinda girly to begin with… might as well just have a woman toss a woman.

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Sounds like a cool idea – I’d like to see it.

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@NaturalMineralWater fine by me but do answer this: if it’s so girly, wouldn’t you, a grown man, be able to do it? would you?

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The Wife unit gave me quite a scowl when I brought it up last night. She brought up Dwarf tossing and I completely lost it. Another sport altogether.

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I saw that once during a skating“free dance” competition.Funny as hell to me as I would have no problem throwing a man in the air.LOL!
Scott Hamilton???He is no challenge!He is but a tiny ladybug!

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My boyfriend asked the same question, hehe. We were also hoping to see a male-male duo a la Blades of Glory, but no dice.

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@majorrich Please tell me Dwarf Tossing is a real sport!!!!

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I have happy drunken memories of dwarf tossing in a campus bar. It was a regular event.

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@majorrich I feel that my University years were wasted now… how could we have been so blind as to miss out?!

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