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Men, re: sperm donation?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14659points) August 3rd, 2012

If you were requested to donate sperm from a female friend, but she would never, ever, agree to actual sex with you, would you agree to donate?

Why or why not?

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No. Nothing to do with the sex aspect, thank you, it has to do with not wanting little zens around who grow up without a father; and a father with kids all over the place.

It’s a control/caring/philosophical issue with me. I’ve been in that position. I opted out – and object to it.

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For a female friend, lesbian couple, etc. yes, I would do it. I wouldn’t do anonymous donation for the same reasons @zensky said, but I would be willing to do it for a friend, provided I would be able to see/know the child. I already know someone who agreed to be a surrogate if I ever wanted a child that way…

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No, fuck the human race with an old splintery bat wrapped in rusty concertina wire.

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If I were a man, I would. So long as the woman/couple legally adopts the child at birth.

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I don’t think so. It creates a situation where you are the father of a child you see growing up and yet you can’t act as the father. I think that could be difficult.

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I would, if I was really close with them and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would be a good mother. Giving a woman the gift of a child in such a case would be a very noble thing to do. If I were ever in a situation where I couldn’t reproduce, and I was married to a woman I loved who desperately wanted to have a child, I would hope that others would be willing to do the same for me.

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No, as I don’t think it’s responsible to bring innocent people into this world just to satisfy someone’s ego. Besides, there are plenty of orphaned kids to, pardon the expression, go around.

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Sorry, but the question makes no sense to me.
It’s like asking “if a female friend asked me to donate sperm but would never ever ever make me a sandwich, would you do it?”

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Yeah, if the family situation was stable, and I got to spend some time with them to make sure of that, I would consider it. I’m not going to just fill a cup and run though. I’m going to watch and love, but always at a distance unless they ask me in. That would be the nicest option, but I’m open to other things.

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