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What are some good usernames for Tumblr?

Asked by penny_lane (5points) August 5th, 2012

My name is Emily. I don’t really want my tumblr name to have anything to do with my username. My name on twitter is penny lane and my username is @cuntbadger. I kinda want to do something along the lines of that but I also don’t. I like music and peace. I don’t know. I just really need help. Please help? :)

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How about “harmonic pudenda”?

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It really depends what your blog is about. What sort of stuff will you be writing?

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Tumblin’ tumbleweed

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Tumblin’ Tumblr Is there a echo in the valley?

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I’ll be writing about a lot of things really. I write a lot. I write poetry and songs and stories and stuff. I don’t really plan on posting any of my work. I’m just saying I write a lot and I don’t have many friends so I just want to write about the crap I go through on a daily basis and whatever so…. yeah. But I have a tumblr now and I just used cuntbadger. Thanks for all of your help anyway.

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You can slightly imitate me: Some variation of your real name backwards (Damn, now you all know my real name!!) Virtually every site I register at has my unique profile name available without having to use 174K numbers on it, and almost every time someone gets my email address they are impressed, once they realize what it is.

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