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How do I package a bunch of paper products to look professional enough to sell?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (666points) August 6th, 2012

I created a product that I would like to sell in specialty stores, but now I’m thinking about packaging. I would love some sort of tight shrink wrap to cover these paper products but I’m not exactly sure how to achieve the desired result. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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This is going to be pretty tough to answer without a better description of your product.

Can you give us dimensions, weight, shape, etc? Perhaps tell us what it is?

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They are roughly 25 business cards that I would like shrinkwrapped

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Yeah for a pack of biz cards that small, shrink-wrapping would be cheap and effective enough.

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What do you plan to do? Just mail them into the store? Or drop off?

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Have you looked at the small run stationary industry for inspiration? If you’re going high end, it’s worthwhile to look as good in the wrapping as out.

Small boxes, tins, or a branded wrap of some sort might make you stand out in comparison to plastic wrap. Just another thought, good luck with the products.

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It really does depend on the market you’re after. If they’re basic, no-frill cards, shrink wrap will be fine. You can even do it yourself, buying shrink wrap and a heat gun (or, if it’s only a few packages, you can get away with using a hair dryer on high heat… I did that for gift baskets I made.)

If you’re going for something fancier, check out letterpress printers online for ideas. As @funkdaddy says, there are all sorts of ways to distinguish your product beautifully.

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