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How do you enjoy your sushi, sashimi and sake?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26859points) August 7th, 2012

Do you love Japanese food? How picky are you in choosing where to get it? I enjoy it from time to time, buying from grocery stores and in rare occasions, going into a Japanese Restaurant.

A Japanese American friend told me not all Japanese restaurants are created equal. I would very much like to learn how to tell the differences between a great and not so great sushi, sashimi and sake.

Also, please feel free to explicitly describe if you have any particular “ritual” when it comes to enjoying Japanese food. Arigato go sai mas. ( Did I do that right? )

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>eating in restaurants

Also, this is mandatory reading.

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Like any other cuisine, experience is the best way, really. You have to sample a spectrum of quality. That is how I got to be picky about cheese (though not Maple Syrup; if it isn’t VT/NH made, it’s crap!).

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I love Japanese cuisine, but i won’t try the live octopus. That shit grosses me out.

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You have to know the sushi chef. You can’t tell by looking.

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I like sushi wrapped with avocado, and with honey ginger and wasabi condiments.

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I love Japanese food. I don’t have it as often as I like because my spouse is not as enthusiastic. I would like to be able to make okonomoyaki. If anyone has a recipe, please send it along.

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I just love Japanese food. The food is tasty and easy to get.

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We make it ourselves and it is usually at the suggestion of our two children! They LOVE it. When we are travelling, we will make a point of trying out at LEAST one place. When we were in Wisconsin last summer, we were NOT disappointed. YUM! Such a good suggestion from my little man. He loved the ‘cheater choppsticks’ they made for him with a straw paper case and a rubber band.

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