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What is the best sushi restaurant in Seattle?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) October 24th, 2006
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You know Kisaku, which is excellent. I was not super impressed by Maneki, although it is highly recommended by many. You might try them out. They're very busy. I understand that I Love Sushi is also supposed to be very good--definitely worth checking out.
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I like Maneki a lot - great sashimi, great menu, fun atmosphere. Where is Kisaku located at?
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I like Nijo in Belltown, it has a great vibe and interesting chef concoctions (some stuff they set on fire at your table). Also Rain in Greenlake has great service and good all-around sushi.
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Kisaku is at 2101 N 55th St, just across from Zoka coffee in Wallingford/Greenlake.
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Thanks Bob.
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what!! no one hs mentioned Aoki on Broadway. Very professional and delicious. Also,
if you can get to Tacoma, Fujiya. Beautiful.

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Nishino in Madison Valley isn’t cheap, but it sure is delicious Often considered the best sushi in Seattle.

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A little off topic, but if you ever get up to Vancouver (BC, not WA) check out Tojo’s on West Broadway. You pay in the blood of your firstborn, but you can’t beat the asthetic or food quality, and the chef invented a lot of the standards on most of the menus in the Northwest.

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