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Who else is sick of beach volleyball? and other NBC Olympics coverage gripes.

Asked by Jeruba (50403points) August 8th, 2012

My son and I are huge Olympics fans. We watch all the prime time TV coverage every night. Barring major disasters, this is one of only two things I ever turn the TV on for (the other is presidential debates). So I anticipate the Games with high expectations whenever they come around.

And I would have to give NBC terrible marks for their coverage:

•  unstoppable inane and inept babbling commentary (“And here at the end of the routine, here comes the dismount.” “You see that space? That’s the space!” “The only way to win this race is to put all the other competitors behind you.”)

•  relentlessly U.S.-centric coverage (ABC used to let us see the best athletes, but NBC seems to think only Americans are of interest to Americans)

•  lopsided programming choices (how boring is the pommel horse? why did we have to wait until about day 10 to see anything on the still rings?)

•  dumb editing—if they’re being selective anyway, why so many prolonged shots of an athlete sitting still and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, when they could cut for even just a few minutes to an event that we can glimpse in the background?

•  overwhelmingly disproportionate attention to just two women in beach volleyball—the same two, over and over, including a full hour of prime time last night, making us watch all their hugging, jumping about, rolling in the sand, and screeching directly into the camera with messages for their friends back home—while shortchanging or entirely overlooking all kinds of potentially interesting events in which the U.S. does not have a big presence

•  packing the whole thing with such a dense barrage of commercials that it almost seems as if the coverage were one long commercial break with occasional interruptions for event coverage

Yes, I’m annoyed and disgusted, but I keep on watching, and I guess that’s all they care about. I’d just like to bitch about it and hear your bitches to make me feel better.

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If you watch it streaming on NBC, you can see it without the commentary.

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You mean there were more beach volleyball players than the two they kept showing? I would never have known.

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I DVRed everything which left me about 10 segments a day to watch. At first we were thrilled to get through 5–6 segments a night. Staying up past midnight if need be.

Past few days, we’re lucky if we watch one segment all the way through.

I am bored, bored, bored.

Bring on the Winter Olympics.

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I only watch beach volleyball for the crack ;¬}

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Agreed with everything you wrote, @Jeruba. NBC treats it as if it were the USA Games, not the Olympics, and if I never see Bob Costas again, I’d be thrilled. Also sick of beach volleyball (I get a lot accomplished on Fluther during that time though!).

I miss ABC and Olympics coverage of yore, when they actually tried to show you the games, and not tons of dull interviews, poorly edited shots, and way too many commercials…

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I love beach volleyball but I hate the outfits! I always thought the women were forced to dress in such skimpy and inappropriate costumes but apparently it is the choice of the athletes which did disappoint me. But I do enjoy the sport itself. 2 on 2 volleyball is a demanding game and they are good covering all the area!

The coverage in Australia is all geared towards those sports in which Australia excels and the inane prattle during the events appear to be an international problem

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I started watching it On Demand and muting the TV.

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