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Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo, Cinco Day Drinko, the Kentucky Derby and the Super Moon, all in one day?

Asked by jca (36059points) May 5th, 2012

Today is the 5th of May, or Cinco de Mayo. I am seeing on the internet it’s also fondly being called Cinco Day Drinko.

It’s also the Kentucky Derby, i.e. the first leg of the Triple Crown. Will there be a Triple Crown this year? There’s not been one in over 20 years, I believe.

It’s also the Super Moon. Tonight, the moon will appear 14% larger and brighter, due to being closer to the earth. Go outside in early evening, and view and maybe take a picture.

Plus, in addition to all of the above, it’s Saturday!!

Can you handle the excitement of the day?

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It’s going to be a Cinco de Mayo de Drinko Super Derby Saturpalooza! I don’t know if I can handle it.

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I am not even planning Mexican food for dinner, The weather is supposed to be too cloudy to see the Super Moon (although it looked pretty neat last night).

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Here in Southern California, Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday (night) will results in thousands of additional drunk drivers on the streets. Bad (risky) time to be driving Saturday evening.

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More importantly, this marks one week that the Cleveland Indians have been in first place in the American League Central division. And that is a much more significant reason for celebration than any of the others.

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I do hope it is a clear night tonight, I love when the moon is huge and low in the sky.

As far as Cinco de Mayo, my husband and I had planned to go to a Mexican restaurant today (we were going to go last weekend, but the plan was messed up, so we decided to change it to this weekend) and had not realized when we said it last week, that it would be Cinco de Mayo. So now we are considering not going today. The place doesn’t serve alcohol, so I think it will be just another normal Saturday for them, but my husband fears I am incorrect.

The irony for me regarding Americans getting trashed on Cinco de Mayo is when my husband and I started dating he was amazed I did not drink, since his stereotypes of American is they drink a lot. Ironic the Mexican holiday has been turned into an American drunken party. Cinco de Mayo is barely celebrated in MX and it is not Mexican independence day like most Americans think.

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@elbanditoroso My uncle Jim would have agreed with you absolutely.

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@lillycoyote – I feel a great admiration for your Uncle Jim.

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No celebration here, we have golf ball size hail and the town won’t move the yard clean up day to next week. I get to cut trees in a thunderstorm or pay to remove the debris.

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I’m going to work. The fact that I’m employed when so many aren’t is reason enough to celebrate for me, but the lunar aspect is interesting as well.
I’m afraid I really know nothing of the KY derby or cinco de mayo. I don’t drink, and drinking seems to be the main goal of white people who celebrate. I have no idea what Mexicans actually do. Hell, I only learned what St Patrick’s day was really all about a few months ago. (Again, others use it as an excuse to drink a bunch, so I never really cared for it.)

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No plans here. I might get to see the moon if the clouds clear, but it is unlikely. Just another day in the life of a broke single mother, home alone this week with 149kr in her bank account and no idea how to feed her kid this week.

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@elbanditoroso My uncle was born, lived his whole life, and died in Cleveland. He was a cradle to grave Indians fan. They repeatedly broke his heart, I think, but he never ever gave up on them.

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Hoping to see the moon tonight but the rest I am ignoring. Could be going to two or three Cinco de Drinko meetups but I am avoiding them.

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Bring it on! (except the drinko bit. I can’t do that any more.)

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In spite of the hype and the numbers, the full moon tonight will be essentially a very bright full moon. It will look its best at moonrise and moonset, even if it’s not quite full.

“Full Moon (exact at 11:35 p.m. EDT), in Libra. This is the closest and largest full Moon of 2012, though not remarkably so. The Moon is 8% closer and larger than average, and only 0.16 magnitude brighter than average, so you’d need measuring tools to really tell. Take a look. What do you think? Source

(Stellar magnitude is the measure of brightness of celestial objects. A star of 0 magnitude is 100 time brighter than one of 5 magnitude. It is a logarithmic scale.)

My first sighting of the ruby throated hummingbird was really exciting yesterday afternoon.

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It’s my anniversary… and I’m working overtime. I’m ready for a nap.

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Sleep. Look at the moon for five minutes; go back to sleep.

Happy anniversary.

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Fuck yeah, also Cinco de Mustache.

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Sure, my family will be safe for most of the day and night at work. We’ll make our ways home carefully and hope not to be crashed into by drunken idiots making their boulevard crawl of cheap drinks and room temperature sushi snacks.

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I just got back from El Pelone down near Fenway Park—where the Sox were in mid game, BTW. Got Burrito de Pollo and Platos Fuertes con Pollo. We’re stocked up on tortilla chips and salsa. I’m going to whip up a Bebé Spinich Ensalada de Fresas y Aguacate.

As to the moon, that’s probably a non-starter. It’s expected to be mostly cloudy here till the early morning hours.

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@ETpro: We had clear skies last night and a perfect view.

Is Bebé Spinich a hot new Hispanic starlet?

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Too cloudy for the supermoon here & too sick and tired to party tonight, unfortunately. I missed the Shins at the Tower on Thursday and Philly First Friday yesterday, and am much more bummed about those than skipping Cinco de Mayo.

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@wildpotato Sorry to hear that you are bummed out.

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@ETpro Yummy! It sounds like your pollos have come home to roost in a very delicious way.

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@wildpotato If it’s any consolation the old fuddy duddies and spoil sport astronomers at NASA, who apparently prefer the term Perigee-Syzygy Moon to the term Supermoon say that

The occurrence is more technical than visible.

A full moon at its closest point to Earth definitely will be big and bright. But it won’t look much, if any, different than a “normal” full moon and will not have any readily observable effect on our planet except perhaps slightly higher tides.

and that:

The phenomena occurs four to six times a year.

You’ll get another chance, it just might not be on a saturday and also Cinco De Mayo. That would have been funny. Sorry about the bumminess of it all. I know you were looking forward to it.

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@janbb, @lillycoyote Thanks; you guys make me happy I hopped on tonight. Funny how much a kind word can help. Just need to lie back and unwind a bit :)

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@gailcalled Let me just say I ate Bebé Spinich and she tasted divine.

@lillycoyote Pollo’s so much more enjoyable than polo. Isn’t it strange how much difference raising just a little “L” can make? :-)

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@ETpro, Go ahead, raise a little “l.” It’s Saturday night, if nothing else.

And @wildpotato, what are “the Shins at the Tower on Thursday and Philly First Friday?” I live in Wilmington, DE and Philly’s only a hop, skip and a jump away. Whatever these things are, am I missing something awesomely fun? I don’t get to Philly nearly as much as I should, and I’m kind of ancient, but I still have a few miles of fun left on the tires. :-)

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@lillycoyote Well along in doing just that. “L”, I’m there!

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I should have considered Drinko de Mayo while placing my Derby bet.
Missed out by not wagering on “I’ll Have Another”

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@lillycoyote The Shins are a band that make some beautiful music. They were playing at the Tower Theater in Philly (technically, Upper Darby) last Thursday. The Tower often has very good shows, and is a wonderful venue with fantastic sound. I’m really excited Dispatch is coming in October, not to mention Hall & Oates, CSN, & Yes during the summer.

Philly First Friday is an art free-for-all in the Old City held on the first Friday of each month, and definitely worth a visit up north. It has spawned copycat First Friday festivals in some of the surrounding suburbs, too. If you plan a day trip, be sure to also check out the Magic Garden on South Street.

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@wildpotato: Philly and the Berkshires. Lucky man. (Although I would not call Upper Darby part of the city.)

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@gailcalled Indeed. Now, if only I could tesser between them.

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What does “teaser” mean?

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@gailcalled She said “tesser” as in traveling through wrinkles in time a la Madeleine L’Engel.

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