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Have you had an experience with the FBI?

Asked by raven860 (2171points) August 10th, 2012

Did you ever inform or contact them? Did you ever ask for their assistance?

If so please answer the 5 W (What?, When? Where?...)

What kind of crimes do they and don’t they investigate?

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Not me but a friend of mine did. He got a phone call from his grandson telling him he was in El Salvador and was busted for drug possession. His grandson gave the phone over to an American US Embassy security officer there. In order for my friend to get his college age grandson out of jail, he needs to send around $2,700.00 via Western Union.

He brought cash to Western Union, which tried to send it once and failed. Western Union informed my friend it was a hoax. Don’t even try to send the money. My friend called his son and verified it was indeed a scam. His grandson was in Hawaii. My friend called the FBI. They told him to call another government agency who handles this phone scams.

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Once…maybe twice if the second example can be counted.

While working in a hotel in Chicago, there were two guests in one suite registered for over a week. They were low-key, middle-aged men in suits that would return to the hotel in the evenings with a small cooler (I was on night shifts at the time).

It turns out that they were part of a drug ring in the area. I had no clue until they were escorted out by a couple of FBI agents who stopped by the front desk and made them pay their bill. The general manager later told me that the agents had rented a suite on the same floor and had been granted permission to tap the phone line (this was before cell phones).

The second, and one that probably doesn’t count, is a situation at the same hotel. A former FBI agent was hired to run the company’s Loss Prevention dept. He came to our hotel when two deposits went missing. I don’t remember the amount, but it was substantial for the hotel.

Anyone who had access to the safe met with him individually. I wasn’t worried going in, as I had nothing to do with it and wasn’t working when the deposits should have been removed. By the middle of the interrogation, I started wondering if I had missed some clues, and by the end was sobbing like a baby.

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My wife answered the front doorbell many years ago, I was on a business trip.Ttwo guys with classic sunglasses and a bulge under their left armpit. They were investigated an armed bank robbery. Asked about a Buick that my dad had owned, we both have the same first name. The were looking for the same model and color car with the first three digits of the license plate. Car had been sold four years before. They were very cordial and business like.
Also watched a business associate escorted off property by security and four FBI agents, he had been accepting bribes and also tax evasion.

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Plus, I did enjoy the exploits of their two best agents, Mulder and Scully. I want them back-! Lol.

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One bright, delightful afternoon, I witnessed a [REDACTED]

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Once a former employee of mine was applying for security clearance. He told me the FBI might contact me about him. To be honest, I can’t remember now whether they did or didn’t. If they did, it was quite routine (did he work for me? Yes.) and completely unmemorable.

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