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Do PS3s play PS2 games?

Asked by shrubbery (10236points) June 2nd, 2008

I read that the European model is backwards compatible but the American model isn’t. When I rang and asked at the store I bought mine he said it would probably be American. However, I found that I could play my old PS1 Games by creating an internal PS1 memory card. I therefore assumed my model was European. I assumed I could also play PS2 games because it had an option to make a PS2 internal memory card BUT, I went to put in a friends PS2 game, and it said something like (can’t remember exactly sorry) “The PS3 is not formatted to play PS2 games”. I am going to try some of my friend’s other games to see if it was just maybe that one game but I won’t be able to for a few days and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me.

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i think it depends on when you bought your PS3. The first versions were backwards compatible but they then changed this in the newer version

This is what FAQ has to say about the issue – “Many PlayStation┬« and PlayStation┬«2 format software titles operate on the PLAYSTATION 3, but full compatibility is not guaranteed. The entire library of games in the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 software catalogs available in North America (including upcoming titles) are being verified for playability with the PLAYSTATION 3.

To determine whether a specific title is compatible, use our Backward Compatibility Status Search

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I bought it on April the 8th of this year. But then again, where I live, the store was probably still selling old ones. Nah, I don’t know. But it definately plays PS1 games…

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Yes, the Playstation 3 plays every PS2 game, it’s also fully compatible with the controllers too.

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but what do you want a PS3 to play PS2 games on it?? No HD in them..

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They’re cheap. I’m saving up for a trip to India at the end of the year so until I get back I won’t be buying any more 100 dollar PS3 games.
@Wizard, so it could just be that one particular game then?

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in the uk they introduced the 60gb version first which was backward compatable . Then launched a 40gb version with less USB ports at a cheaper price tag for the Christmas market. The 40gb version is not backwards compatable. If the same is true of the us version your answer should be in the size of your hard drive.

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It’s 40gb. But as I say, it plays ps1 games so what the…?

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The 40g DOES NOT play ps2 games, none of them. The other larger gig models do. The older 40g models did, but not any more. They play ps1, but not ps2.

I know, sony’s lame.

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@ shrubbery – i am jealous of your future trip to india. can i go with you and hide with your luggage?

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why oh why will in not play ps2 that is sooooooo stupid

haha you sure can. It’s not a school trip but it’s through the school but with a company called World Challenge. There’s 23 of us going from my grade, the grade below and the grade above, had to split into two groups though haha. We go for 28 days, the first couple for acclimitisation, the next 10–14 for trekking in the himalayas, another while helping out at a rural village (building a school or teaching or something) then a few days rest and recreation at the end (taj mahal yew!)

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that sounds really exciting! cool have fun! if you have time, make sure you go to Bombay! (Mumbai)

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Ok, I’ll put it to the group! The whole point of it is for us to gain leadership and organisational skills, so we do almost everything, planning, organising, booking, budgeting… and then we have one very experienced leader from World Challenge and one school teacher there, who aren’t really allowed to provide help unless we’re desperate :P It’s gonna cost over $6000 AU though, I’ve been saving since August last year, yuck, I hate work!

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whoa that kind of disciple is impressive!

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For the backwards compatibility question, have a look at this wiki page. Look for the comparison table, you will find all about it there!

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60G model is backwards the 80 G is only ps1 games , i don’t see why sony did this . It would have made more sense to make all models fully backwards

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I know that some are and some aren’t my friend got the 120 gig and it was not backwards compatible but mine was and it was only an 80…oh and some only have 2 usb ports…there should be more info thanks to the konami dance dance revolution community

hope this helps ^_^

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