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Does this mean anything bad for my ear?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) August 17th, 2012

A few hours ago,I started hearing strange “booming” in my right ear. And now it’s happening every 30 seconds? Is this bad? And if so, what’s your diagnoses on with it is?

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Tinnitus. A vibration of the eardrum caused by something other than the movement of the air that enters the canal. Could be muscle spasm of the Tensor tympani or Stapedius. Could be vascular thumping. Could be wax in the canal. It is something in you, not something outside of you. Bad is a word that refers to human choice. It is probably not happening according you your choice. But it is probably treatable. Why not go to a doctor instead of going to Fluther? You will get all sorts of advice here, and much of it will be nonsense. Then you will go to the doctor anyway. Just curious.

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Having spent zero minutes in medical school, my diagnosis is to see your PCP on Monday.

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I also advise medical attention from a professional.

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Numerous things could be the cause of the sound you are hearing. If you have no other symptoms, go to see your family doctor Monday to have your ear examined.

If you are also having lightheadedness, dizziness, headache, nausea, wooziness, numbness, tingling, disorientation, shortness of breath, racing pulse, or fever, get yourself examined as soon as possible.

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