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Do you know any examples of fantastic guitar playing?

Asked by flutherother (34578points) August 22nd, 2012

YouTube link and time reference would be appreciated.

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Just look up any Eddie Van Halen clip. Try “Cathedral”

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I love Angus Young or Keith Richards. Clapton is amazing, as is Slash, The Edge, Rick Nielsen, etc

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Some great stuff! I like this by Roy Buchanan. And I can’t forget Frank Zappa

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What kind? Classical, jazz, rock, or country? And there may be others I don’t know.

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This amazes me.

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Rodrigo y Gabriella Gabriella is hands down the greatest female guitarist and one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen.

And then of course there is always Buckethead

Edit: Looks like @Michael_Huntington already mentioned Rodrigo y Gabriella

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The solo in the song “date rape” by sublime. Awesome song all around!

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Roy Clark is one of the world’s greatest musicians. Seriously, can you imagine those fat fingers doing that?

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One more of the best the world has ever witnessed. Enjoy.

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I was just listening to Tom Waits’ Hoist That Rag with Marc Ribot on guitar (and Les Claypool on bass). Forgot how much I enjoy this song – and the guitar in it.

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Man, I love that voice, @tom_g.

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Oh crap, how could I overlook Jeff Beck.

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I could do this all night. Two of my favorites. Met them both and got hugs. You can’t mention Clapton without mentioning the master.

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Her fret tapping style is unmatched, @fundevogel. I like her even more on the steel guitar. She is a true talent.

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Anything from Tommy Emmanuel

This is one of my favourites.

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Never mind.

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Andy Mckee is great. There are a lot of guitarists who can play a lot of notes really fast or play really loud… but Andy has a very smooth technique and his passion comes through in his music.

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Virtuoso guitar playing knocks my socks off, but I think there’s a lot to be said for simplicity. Jose Gonzalez is just a guy and a guitar. There’s no showing off, just simple arrangements and sincerity. I love it!

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Best Guitarist AC DC band

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@Sunny2 Any kind. As long as it’s guitar music.

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John Butler, Ocean. Amazing.

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@Haleth OMG yes. Jose Gonzalez is superb.

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