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Music people, what are your thoughts on this kids' singing?

Asked by Jude (32198points) September 25th, 2010

It’s Nikki’s neighbor, Max. He writes his own stuff and I think he’s pretty good. I like Autumn Rain.

Honest opinion?

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He’s got that John Mayer-James Blunt thing going on, and he’s cuter than either of them, which, unfortunately, is relatively important today if he wants a performing career. This music isn’t my usual cuppa, but for its type, it’s very good.

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I agree with what @aprilsimnel said – he made me think of John Mayer – but he’s also a really good guitarist which is a serious bonus. That particular song is a simple four chord song – but he makes the most of it and there’s potential written all over his voice.

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He’s good. No poser there. Really. Honest opinion.

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Not bad.
But his name is a real killer.
“Schwanz” (which literally means “tail” in German) is also used as a slang term for dick/cock/penis. And “max” generally meaning big…. Dear gods. If he wants to start an international carreer, he needs to change his name.

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Honest opinion? Really good to listen to. It always amazes me how an accent disappears when you sing, he sounded just like my brother at that point. It’s in a style that gets played a lot over here, so he fits right into that genre, and the lyrics are well written and clearly sung – I could imagine tapping on my steering wheel and joining in on the chorus whilst listening to it on the radio in my car.
Small note on body movement, I was always told to be more still when performing, as it can make your audiences feel a little seasick to watch. I realise Max is moving quite naturally, and keeping time through his movement, and I wouldn’t advocate how unnatural it would be for him to be sat stock still, but perhaps slightly less? Someone like Cruiser’s opinion on this would probably be more valuable…

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lol, I was thinking exactly what @ragingloli said about the name. First thing to come to mind.

Agreed, very John Mayer-ish. I am not a huge fan of this style of music, but I could listen to this. Talented kid. @aprilsimnel is right, he is far cuter than Mayer & Blunt. Lots of potential for greatness here. :)

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First of all, John Mayer is an awesome guitarist @zen_!

Honestly I liked it. I’m thinking I need to get an acoustic and try this, lol. ;P

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^ I agree – I didn’t say John Mayer isn’t an awesome guitarist – I just complimented the kid. Why “first of all”? Why the exclamation mark? And where’s your “second of all”? I can’t handle the suspense, @Axemusica.

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Well, @zen_ (and no offense to the musician, I enjoyed his video) he was decent at playing those 4 chords. There’s really no basis on his ability based on the video, so I thought you were saying that John Mayer was less of… Anyways, Second of all um, huh….. Beam me up Scotty! ;P

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I hear elements of Don Mclean & Jack Johnson. I guess that makes John Mayer? haha

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