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Are there subjects you don't discuss because you don't think they deserve air time?

Asked by 6rant6 (13700points) August 24th, 2012

There are debates I don’t engage in because I think that to do so gives credibility to positions that don’t deserve it. Some issues are transparent to logical thinking, and the opposing view only represents hostility, or alarmism™. I won’t give examples; I expect you will understand why.

Are there discussions you will not engage in for similar reasons? (And no, I don’t want you to name them!)

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I tend to avoid all the historic hot spots, politics, religion, etc. Once in a great while I cave and always regret it. lol
Sometimes ya gotta revisit something to remind yourself of ” Oh yeah, that’s why I don’t do this anymore!”
I don’t like hardcore egoic debate, where everyone gets stuck in their egos need to be right.

I like lively, informative, exchanges of ideas and information but once a “discussion” starts going south into the land of the egomanical little miss/mr. can’t be wrong, I bail.

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I won’t discus [bleep], [bleep], or [bleep], among others. For the reasons you suggested.

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Yep, although in general I’ll discuss almost anything, including taking on positions I don’t particularly agree with just to try them out. In certain situations or with certain people however, it’s sometimes not appropriate and other times simply not worth the effort.

When you say I don’t engage in because I think that to do so gives credibility to positions that don’t deserve it that’s why I said almost anything; sometimes there’s little else to do other than sigh, shake your head, and walk off.

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Yes. Especially here.

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Some subjects I’ll skip because I don’t know a thing about them. Some of the Fluther questions devolve into discussions that I’ll skip because there is no intellectual stimulation to be gained.

In summation: if it bores me, I’ll skip.

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Yes. A long time ago I left behind the notion that to not engage meant some sort of mental weakness or lacking on my part.

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Yeah, but not because I believe anything should be left in the dark or ignored, or because I don’t think it deserves mentioning. Any knowledge is good knowledge, any learning is good learning. In fact perhaps some of the world would go a little better if people would explore different points of views and what others think, instead of always making everything they don’t like a sacrilege. But that’s my problem, most debates I have with people, I’m met with people who just want to make me feel bad and grind me into the ground, and not actually teach me anything. It’s always a battle of who’s righter than another. It happens online, it happens with my roomate, it happens with friends and it did with family. Chances are though, I’m probably just really fuckin stupid.

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Not many. I’m lame that way.

Also, [mod says] Minor typo in title corrected via internal edit.

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Val [user] says to [mod]...whynahell don’t you never fix my minor typo’s via internal edit?? You just leave them there trumpting my ingerance!! Not fur!!

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Lots of them.

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