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Horror Movies. Why?

Asked by Blobman (516points) August 26th, 2012

I have never been a fan of horror movies. But I have recently been watching them with my girlfriend since she is addicted. I find myself asking why movies like “The Devil Inside” or “Paranormal Activity” and its sequels make it so big. After asking friends I found that no one would give me a straight answer. It seems like an addiction that has grown over the years and I want to know why. What is the attraction to you? Could the interest have a deeper psychological motive?

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It’s the scaring, getting the rush, and knowing it can’t really hurt you.

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Why? Why not?
It’s fun to be scared, the anticipation of what is going to happen next, to scream at the TV “do not go into that attic in your short shorts and tube top! There is a monster up there!”

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@chyna Short shorts and a tube top? I’d follow her in.:)

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LOL, Good question. It probably varies from person to person. For me, it is a gravitation towards true crime stories, no matter how gruesome. I want to grasp the driving factor behind the motive in these cases.

Besides that, it is a reason to cuddle with your movie date. That is usually a good thing.

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For a lot of people, it’s a way to experience/explore fear and dread in a safe way. Most horror movies are unrealistic, but that they’re almost always set in a realistic setting makes it so they can get away with it, when your imagination is working with it.

Or I guess maybe that’s one reason. There could be plenty. I love horror movies but they seldom scare me, if ever. To me they’re comforting in a way. Sometimes it’s really fun to laugh at if they’re really bad, too. I always loved spooks of all kinds since I was a kid, so horror seems part of my nature. In movies, I mean. Lol. That’s my reason, anyway.

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I blame my dad. He started taking me to horror movies and Halloween haunted houses when I was pretty young, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Really, I have no idea why. But it’s probably my favorite genre for movies and books.

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I agree with all of the above, and even the scariest horror flicks have the common, campy denominator of the classic inanities such as was mentioned.
The girl investigating the scary sound in the attic after 3 of her friends have already been axed to death and, of course, the all time horror classic, falling when they try to run away. lol

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@Coloma Ha yeah. There’s this movie called The Human Centipede. While it’s actually not all that shock value and pretty terrifying, it suffers so bad from the slasher movie mythos that it’s not even funny. It’s trying to be all disturbing and tense, but a lot of that would have worked better if people in there weren’t such ass sacks.

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@Symbeline My daughter wants me to watch that one..I dunno, pretty gross concept. lolol

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Yeah it’s gross, and disturbing, but let me relieve you a little if it helps; there is next to no gore in this movie. One of the ideas is really gross, not sure I should spoil it…but there isn’t anything really graphic in this. Which is odd, considering what this is about. The movie also takes a lot of time establishing a fear factor and getting you to know the characters. (victims and mad doctor alike) Which, again, is odd considering the concept…I thought it was an interesting movie though, especially for all the things included in it that people don’t tell you. It receives a little too much flack if you ask me, since it really isn’t all that shock value. At least I’ve seen much worse, anyways.

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I love horror because it is funny. At least, I lean toward loving horror movies that are cheesy and hilarious. It’s not unlike watching a comedy for me. Horror movies that are supposed to be “scary” are never scary to me, so I don’t enjoy them quite as much as the movies that are over the top or silly. Then again, I like gory movies just… because. I don’t know. I have never really asked myself why I like horror movies, but I sort of file it along with my love of other “dark” things. If I had to identify myself as a holiday, I would be Halloween, I have just always been drawn to stuff like that. I’m sure the reasons are different for everyone.

My husband doesn’t like horror movies at all, so I don’t make him watch them with me. I just invite my sisters over, and we have horror movie marathons every couple of months.

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Because after a frustrating day, there’s nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than seeing some bloody decapitations.

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I have always assumed some people have their brains wired in a way that they like to watch horror flicks. Similar to how some people like to try risky things. I don’t have that thing in my brain. I hate horror movies, i have only seena handful.

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I never got the appeal of horror movies myself. They’re always really predictable and lame. Just the same story told over and over with a different boogie man.

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Me and my brother used to huddle together in his lower bunkbead and watch Night Gallery and Circle of Fear and Ghost Story in the early 70’s. It was a way to experience and adrenalin high, I guess similar to riding roller coasters, or skydiving, in the safety and comfort of our own home. Mom and Dad were right next door. Neither one of us believes in ghosts for real, so for us it was just kind of a hoot, a little bit of a cheap thrill. Halloween has always been a favorite of ours for the same reason. Safe thrills.

Me and my best friend went to see Paranormal Activity, probably the best ghost story I’ve seen in years. It was super scary and every one in the theater would scream and then giggle and chatter with their seat mates. It was really fun. I’m not a fan of gory slasher/bloody movies though.

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I hate ‘em.

My ex loves them, indeed, she’d even be watching them with her pre-teen daughter at times. She says she gets off on them… and the shared experience with her daughter (she’s a single mom – not “our” daughter) was a good experience for both, in her opinion.

I disagree.

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I love good horror movies.

Paranormal Activity was simply stupid and boring as hell. Ditto for Blair Witch and anything else of the “ZOMG there’s something clearly wrong but we’re going to ignore it until we’re dead” genre.

I tend to like more horror ex machina: Things like (for a more recent-ish movie) 1408, where it’s the effing ROOM that’s evil, and you simply can’t escape it. I also like a lot of what I believe is known as ultra-violence. Particularly Asian extreme films like Oldboy and I Saw the Devil.

Also, can’t go wrong with George Romero.

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Because when done well, there’s no better genre out there.

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