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What great Shakespearean villains do you think of first?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30385points) August 27th, 2012

I think of Richard III or Iago.

Whom do you think of?

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I always think of Lady Macbeth.

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Iago, Lady MacBeth, Cornwall and Edmund, Richard the III

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Nasty, conniving Iago with the gracious facade. I saw a modern day production of Othello at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in which Iago was played as a tough military officer who acted, not out of jealousy of Othello, but of lust for him. Very interesting and compelling. It worked.

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Iago, then Richard III.

If Shakespeare were alive today, he would write about Nixon.

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Iago, the Macbeths, Richard III.

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Weird, Iago is the only one I think of. I had no idea I would be in such good company. He definitely left an impression on me.

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I have always thought of MacBeth as being henpecked. Mrs. was inherently much more villainous.

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Richard III.

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Caius Marcius Coriolanus

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Iago is who I thought of, probably because Othello was the most recent Shakespeare I read, in high school. Also, Iago’s lack of a clear motive for his villainy makes him an even more evil figure…

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Shylock & whoever Bill’s hairdresser was, I mean come on darling, purleeze!!

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Lago, cornwall.

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@King_Pariah: You’ve actually read “Coriolanus”? Amazing.

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