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Does Kang the Conqueror have any known weaknesses?

Asked by Melody12234 (81points) August 4th, 2018 from iPhone

I’ve been referring to various comics and I can never quite find a specific weakness for Kang… Does anyone know if he has one? (I’m sure he does… but I can’t quite pinpoint it.)

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He has feelings not finished grieving for his loss of his human wife.

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Also he uses Iron Man’s tech and can be hacked by Tony Stark.

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Kang existed in several overlapping alternate universes. He was his own weakness. When the 2 Kangs overlapped in the same universe, they would battle & in essence he would kill himself.

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Immortus, an older, wiser, less murderous version of himself would occasionally show up and thwart his efforts.

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KangKer sores, which he unjustly blames on She Hulk.

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