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What strange and irritating things do you do at the computer?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) September 5th, 2012

I type in the dark for one, which means I can’t see my keyboard. It’s so irritating but I won’t stop doing it! I also have my computer at an odd angle and so my head is always turned sharp left, which really bugs my neck after a while. What strange things do you do at the computer?

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Not much, but I’d like to suggest, if you can’t break your habit of typing in the dark, you could maybe get one of those keyboard with the light up keys. Then you can see them when it’s dark, plus it looks all cool.

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One hand on the mouse the other hand on my… Well, you get the idea. Hahaha.

In all seriousness though, when I’m at a computer I have a habit of clicking the mouse really fast when I’m waiting for something to load. And I also find myself deleting whole sentences to correct a spelling mistake a few words back.

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@Crumpet I’ve often wondered about stuff like this…say like something freezes, or takes a long time to load, how come people are always moving the mouse really fast on the mouse pad? I never understood this but I’ve seen it happen so many times. I mean shaking the mouse isn’t going to make things load any faster.

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Well sometimes when I eat, the crumbs get stuck between the keys in my keyboard.

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I used to like to lean back as I typed and prop the computer up on my knees, but my neck started hurting and hurting, and now, I have to sit up straight with the computer at the right level in front of me or I get headaches and shoulder aches.

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Well I tend to always have my computer in areas that are terrible for my posture. At the current moment it’s sitting on my DVD binder on the coffee table and I operating it from the couch. This is causing me to hunch a bit to reach over to type and it bothers my neck and my back.

Sometimes I have it on the couch beside me so I twist somewhat to face it.

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I tap my fingers on the edges of the laptop. Apparently other people find this terribly annoying.

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I have piles of papers that need attention surrounding my keyboard. It irritates me, but I don’t seem to do anything about it. I wish I was a neatnik.

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I sometimes tap my ball mouse on the desk to make it load faster. My wife says that’s annoying. says the girl with the fast computer

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I lean forward and hunch over sometimes, but then my neck starts to hurt and I sit in another weird position.

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Get stuck on YT for hours.

Get stuck on fluther for hours.

Get stuck on Reddit for hours.

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@wundayatta Me too! was the best position ever. Strange I also had an image you sat like that for some reason! @DarknessWithin I hear you, me too. @YARNLADY It’s because you need the knitting needs ha-ha .

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@Sunny2 Me too, I have strange email addresses that I have picked up on the way scribbled all over @digitalimpression Yep loll. @woodcutter I curse and go make a cup of tea

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@Symbeline great advice thank you.

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@Michael_Huntington same, I think I have everyones bad habits!! @Crumpet I cant find smaller characters like the upper case characters specially in the dark loll. That’s also so annoying.

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Chain smoke. I mean, I smoke a lot all the time, but when I’m on the computer… it gets out of hand.

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If I’m on Word, I always type, ”?” ”!” ”,” ”.” I don’t know why. I don’t even realise I’m doing it. It’s annoying when I need to undo what I’ve typed and all these ”!” ”?” flash before my eyes.

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@augustlan I hear you, offers you a cig!

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Since I have only recently started using high speed I find I’m not doing as many annoying things as I used to while impatiently waiting for a page to load . Now I get so entranced I forget to go use the little girls’ room.Instead I do the little kid squirm in my chair like the internet will disappear forever if I get up for 2 minutes…... Why do we do the things we do?

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I forget what time it is.

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I endanger my computer’s life because I am really relaxed about eating in front (or rather over) it. Of course when other people eat anywhere near it I go mad. But that’s just because I’d rather hate myself for destroying my computer than them….

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I have a tendency to download things from sites I normally don’t go to, and I know how dangerous this could be due to viruses. I could probably block these sites, but I’m too lazy.

I also like to think I know more about computers than I actually do, therefore I try and do things to my laptop to fix problems I may be having, even though I really have no idea what I’m doing and I may be making the situation worse.

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