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Can you sucessfully milk a cat?

Asked by kcyen (14points) October 22nd, 2006
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To feed the milk to kittens?
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Probably, if you were motivated enough.
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I bet cat's milk doesn't make good cheese.
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no you cannot milk a cat

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use a straw and suck it full then transfer to a kitty bottle they got those at the vet.

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you can milk any mammal thats lactating

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“I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?”

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only if you have more than one pair off hands



i have a virgin spayed female cat that nurses her sisters semi teen kittens
she has one lactating nipple massaged it and gave it the gentlest of squeezes milk came squirting out

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yeah, i tryed it and its very tastey hehe :D mmmmm yummy (ps. you need a straw as the nipples are extremley smaller that any other animals nipples im single and looking boy ;) xxxxxx

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Yes in Nigeria there is a small pigmy tribe who religiously milk cats on a daily basis – they are well suited to this task as they have small hands.

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My name is abgoobla and I am the president of the Nigerian Cat Milking Federation. I would like to assure you that cats can be milked and the cheese products some of our members make is certainly amongst the finest in the world!

Surfspat is correct though – this is a by hand process only which suits the smaller members of our communities.

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Yes Abgoobla, it is some of the finest cheese you will find anywhere in the solar system! Although slightly pungent and the gagging effect may be offputting to a minority – it is an aquired taste. I have heard that there is trials in place to breed larger cats by giving them growth hormones therefore negating the need for smaller hands – however it does become a little more hazardous trying to milk a 100 pound cat that may be slightly feral!!!

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Surfsupat – I have not heard of this plan to breed larger cats – and I am sure that the NCMF would object, and if needed we would sanction union involment spearheaded by the likes of Joe ‘the cheese’ MacDonald to ensure the purity, sanctity and above all else tradition of this fine process is not tainted.

We have many members, and although their hands may not be seen when raised in a crowd our pigmy tribe must and shall be protected!

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yes Abgoobla – I am in agreeance with your position – we should stamp out pirate cat breeders, Joe ‘the cheese’ mcdonald also is a great supporter as he is short with little hands and I have heard he quite often tampers with cats practising his milking skills. Being a large handed individual myself – I quite like the straw method and have tried it on my neighbors cat several times with little to no success until I found out it was a male cat!!!! I wondered why the nipples were so small – hehehe but great practice nevertheless.

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Protecting the position of and the livelyhood of the industry and individuals involved is paramount to the NCMF, Any dilution of this amazing aspect of human civilization must be stamped out to ensure its purity!

Surfsupat – I am not sure who you are or where you come from but your comments about straws and man cats only serve to discredit us. I am not sure if you are aware of our successful litigation against universal studios and Ben stillers comments in meet the parents so take this as a gentle warning.

We are in fact a proud group that will not send you faxes asking for money for which Nigeria is famous for – we will however take your money in return for some of the most palettable cheeses known to man!

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Uh, duh. Same way you milk a cow.

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and I thought I had heard it all….

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I have just read a blog saying that the Nigerian Feral Cat is now on the endangered species list, therefore its milk and cheese may be a thing of the past.

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Dear Aster – if you ever find yourself on Webjet please ensure you book a ticket to Nigeria – on the outskirts of Lagos I will show you our cat sanctuary, a haven for abused and neglected working cats.

We also have this year established out technical college, giving people with small hands a chance at a better world working in unison with these amazing animals with the goal of a harmonious life for all.

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Hey NCMF great to see a sanctury has been established, it may be able to support some of our handicapped thalidamine people here as they have small hands, and would be well suited to milking cats as are pigmies, midgets etc.

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