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What are some great CSS sites?

Asked by bridold (638points) June 4th, 2008

I’m looking for CSS sites that provide not only tutorials, but unique CSS tricks. Javascript works, too! *Edit – preferably well organized information, too.

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Stu Nicholls really experiments with CSS.

Eric Meyer does a lot of interesting things as well.

A List Apart has excellent, industry-changing articles.

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CSS Zen Garden shows the same markup displayed completely differently using CSS (for example see The Original vs. Under The Sea). You can learn a lot by viewing the source of these CSS files.

Consider starting a project to create your own submission to the Zen Garden. I always find the best way to learn something new is to have a specific project that I’m working on.

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Smashing Magazine – quiet possibly the best design related site in my opinion. They feature design showcases as well as tutorials and other web desgin related information
NetTuts – An excellent tutorial site on building web sites
Web Designers Wall – features some unique tutorials

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Thanks, everyone. I’ll definitely check out those sites.

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I hate nettuts, published nothing good since it launched. Well, perhaps the jQuery ones, but I haven’t read those.

Position Is Everything is nice.

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abs, css zen garden

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