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Has anyone here watched all the Harry Potter movies, one after another, in rapid succession?

Asked by Jeruba (51640points) September 15th, 2012

If so, any comments?

And was your eight-movie HP marathon your first time through, your second time, or more?

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Never done it myself, but I’m guessing that they’re better with some space in between them.

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No. I don’t think I could do that. Have you? I have never been to a movie marathon. Three in a row has been my limit so far (not HP).

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Yeah, I kind of did that. I don’t have any particular interest in the Harry Potter movies/books per se (although I can say the movies are more enjoyable to me than the thought of reading the books). I am an avid reader, but the magical/mysterious/fantasy subjects do nothing for me. That’s why I couldn’t get through any of the books/movies regarding Lord of the Rings. Give me Memoirs of a Geisha any day over that stuff (the book, not the lame movie).

Many of you already know of my admiration for Alan Rickman (aka Severus Snape) so I came to HP through watching clips on Youtube of Alan Rickman, having no idea about the plot of the story. Magical wizards and that kind of thing don’t do a thing for me, but Alan Rickman does things for me that I can’t discuss in mixed company LOL.

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I have only ever seen the first one the whole way through. I started to watch the second but as I recall I gave up when the red headed one started to vomit frogs. All entertainment value was lost for me at that point! One of these days I may read the books though.

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Not the HP movies, but I have done both Star Wars (all of them) and LOTR marathons. Usually over a weekend or a week.

Aren’t the HP movies directed by different people each time, or have I got that wrong? If so, it would be pretty interesting to see how they compare to each other, which you’d probably only really notice by watching them marathon-style.

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Wasn’t that used as an interrogation tool in Abu Ghraib?

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@ucme That was Teletubbies.

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8 movies in one sitting? No. I have watched them all over 3 days, which was still difficult.
I am considering watching Season 1 of “24” in one 20 hour sitting. I just need to get the DVD, and find a day where I don’t mind getting blood clots in my ass.

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I haven’t done this with the Harry Potter movies, but I’ve done it with the Planet of the Apes movie series. This was before the 2011 movie and I don’t care much for the Tim Burton film, so these weren’t included. It wasn’t as challenging as people might think. It’s just a case of pressing the ‘Eject’ button, swapping discs, and having a break to get some food.

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@augustlan I think there were two or three directors. The first few were directed by Chris Columbus I believe, and some of the later ones by Chris Nolan. I could look it up but it’s Sunday morning.

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I watched them in two sittings and hadn’t seen the last one, 7.2, yet, so that was a nice reward for staying awake. I think the whole thing with a few short breaks for walking the dog and one longer one for some sleep took us one and a half days.
It was great, and after I had seen all the movies I was desperate to read the books once more.

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We did it as a lead-up to the cinematic release of the final film. We watched one each night in the week prior to the day we planned to see the IMAX finale. It was helpful, as I hadn’t read the books, and had only seen the movies in theaters; plus I don’t remember the details of such things the way some people do (which always amazes me). It was also fun watching the kids grow up before your eyes.

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@hearkat That might make a nice winter project for me.

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Just 1, 2, 3, and 4, I think. I like HP movies/books very much, I grew up with Harry Potter. But I haven’t watched ALL the HP movies in one sitting. Yet.

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Not at one sitting! In rapid succession, to me, means over the space of a few days (with a little everyday life in between). Sorry I wasn’t clear.

In practice, with Netflix turnaround, it’s taking me about two weeks. I’m on number 6 now.

I did this mainly because I wanted to see little Harry (and the others) grow up, almost as if in time-lapse photography. All the way back to my childhood I’ve wanted to see a movie in which the characters’ younger selves were played by the same actors at a younger age. Back then I didn’t understand why it wasn’t so readily done; I thought they should just film the childhood part—for David Copperfield, say—and then wait twenty years or so and film the rest..

I’ve also done back-to-back extended-edition LOTR viewings, the whole thing over one weekend.

And once I did all five Lethal Weapons in one week, one night after the next. I hadn’t condescended to see them as they came along—bashings and crashings and explosions are usually not my thing—but I was having a rough period at work, and all of a sudden they were just the right medicine.

Seeing the whole HP series in a condensed time period is giving me an interesting opportunity to compare the movies. (No, each one did not have a different director, but over the series there were several directors involved.) One thing I couldn’t help noticing, now that the original glow has worn off, is that the first two weren’t very good. Editing, if not the screenplay itself, was choppy and truncated enough that a lot of things didn’t make sense if you hadn’t read the books. Too much was simply unexplained (for instance, who were Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs? I know—but the movie didn’t tell me, although it used those names).

And Dobby is the Jar-Jar Binks of Potterdom.

I could say a good deal more, but I was looking for others’ comments, as well as just wondering out of curiosity if anyone else had done such a concentrated run-through.

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I’ve done that over a weekend with the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, Twilight, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m such a movie nerd.

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So, WWFC—any comments about the series?

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Oh, I could go on about it for hours. I’ll try to control myself and simply say that I love the books and I love the movies, for different reasons. I agree with you about the editing and the amount of information left out, but that’s so common with novels made into movies that I try to ignore it. I will always love the HP series, and I will never sell those books, no matter how many ereaders are developed.

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Chris Columbus directed the first two (Sorcerers Stone and Chamber of Secrets)

Alfonso Cuarón directed the third (Prisoner of Azkaban)

Mike Newell directed the fourth (the Goblet of Fire)

Mike Newell directed the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth (Order of the Phoenix, the Half-Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows parts I and II.)

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Yes, served up with butterbeer over several nights. It was great fun. It was my first and only time as a marathon, though I’d seen the movies before. I would say it was a different experience mainly because of the group of people involved. I don’t know if I would do it again – that’s a lot of time spent.

And here’s a present for you, @Kardamom – though perhaps you have seen it already!

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Yes and then I cried because how badly they butchered Harry Potter.

A couple months ago I read all the books back to back and that was much more fulfilling.

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@filmfann, don’t you mean David Yates for #5 onward?

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@Jeruba Sorry, that is what I meant. David Yates directed the last 4 movies.

Terry Gilliam was approached to direct the first HP film, but he refused it. I find it intriguing to think what the films might have looked like under his care.

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I’ve done it two or three times, and will probably do it many more times. I really enjoy them.

I also watch the Star Trek movies one after the other, marathon style once or twice a year, and The Lord of the rings fairly often.

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So, Yarnlady—any comments about the series?

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I have read complaints about the actors and the parts missing from the books, but I love watching them and would have liked even more of them. I read the books once in awhile too. It has been my favorite reading since the original Lord of the Rings books. My library is full of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and I have been reading both since I was a tiny girl.

I am also very fond of Fantasy and Science Fiction movies, and I am not what anyone would call a critic. Like with art, I know what I like. I didn’t like the Star Wars series.

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I am so glad you weren’t pinned to your chair watching all the HP films one after the other @Jeruba. I like HP but I do think that wouldn’t be a good experience. It has made me think that I should factor in some ‘let’s revisit HP’ sessions with my kids.

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Well! my friend I don’t think that it will be possible for any guy to do this ..but yes the movies are interesting.

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I’ve marathon-ed the “early years” (1–4) and the “later years” (the rest), but never all at once.

And, to be honest, most of the time I skip to the last couple of scenes in “Goblet of Fire”, because the rest has absolutely no bearing on the story at large. That is one, long, pointless book.

I’m trying my damnedest to get my husband to watch them. We have to do it in small doses for him, because he’s just so bloody closed-minded to any sci-fi or fantasy that’s been released in the last 20 years.

However, I have marathon-ed the Special Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings. Twelve glorious hours of Aragorn. I need to do that again. Soon.

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I could go twelve hours with Aragorn. Just sayin’.

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Ladies, ladies, come on now…........ will you share?

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Hey, everyone’s invited to my imaginary party. Pancakes for everyone!

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Put the pancakes on Aragorn to make it more interesting.

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