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Movie, TV and video game fans: How often and for what purposes do you use IMDb?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27207points) April 24th, 2015

For those of you that may not be familiar with the IMDb website, it is an acronym for Internet Movie Database.

It has some nice features, like a quick glance at the overall rating of a movie/TV show/video game by users, a plot summary, reviews, actors/director, etc. There is also the capability of creating a ‘watch list’, plus many other features.

I’m curious how many people on Fluther take advantage of its capabilities, as well as if there is anything that you find helpful that I might have missed.

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I’ll just use it to see what other movies an actor has been in, or to learn about an old movie that I may come across on TV.

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I mainly use it for reviews – either for a movie I might want to see or usually after I’ve seen a movie and want to read others’ opinions. I prefer to read the External Reviews from published reviews rather than the User Reviews although they are sometimes worthwhile. I will occasionally use it to look up an actor or a cast listing or the title of an old movie I can’t remember

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Mainly to read stupid comments.

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I have a kindle, and I will access IMDB half a dozen times during a movie (while viewing at home). I am checking running time, director, writer, who is that actor?, etc.
Last night I watched the 2012 version of Anna Karenina, and I was constantly referring to IMDB.
I was pretty sure Baz Lurman was somehow connected to it, but he wasn’t. Tom Stoppard has similar annoying habits.

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I check in regularly, for all of the reasons that @janbb so kindly laid out (so I don’t have to). Often I use it to ID actors who look familiar..i.e.,the guy who plays Sir Thomas More on *Wolf Hall” and the woman Russian aristocrat on “Selfridges’” Where have I seen them before?

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I use it at least weekly.

Most of the time it’s because hubby or I will recognize someone in the background or in a bit part and try to figure out who it is and what else they’ve been in.

It gets used for the game of “Stump Mitch”, in which he picks an actor and then has to name every movie they’ve been in, in chronological order (highest score so far being Clint Eastwood).

I sometimes use it to dig up quotes.

I use it to find other films by directors I like.

Very rarely I’ll look for a review or synopsis, if I can’t remember whether I’ve seen a film before I rent it from the library again. I’m really bad at remembering titles.

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There was a Fluther question this week about familiar locations seen in movies & TV.

The locations in IMDB are fun going both ways – when you see a movie, you can look up the filming locations, or you can look up a location and see a list of films & shows where the place appears.

I also use it a lot to see actors’ filmographies.

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IMDB is bookmarked in my browser. I often look up actor’s credits or cast. I have used ot for research for work projects too.

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@Uasal answered for me. I agree with every bit of her answer. We are very similar.

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Everything and nothing. It’s just fun to look up every silly little thing that might cross my mind while seeing a movie or TV show or trailer.
It’s just fun.

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Lately I have reconnected with IMDb via my Fire tablet. Mostly I am looking up TV shows that either I am currently watching on Netflix, or have been a fan of in the past.

Besides rating shows that I didn’t get around to rating several years ago, I look up the trivia, quotes, goofs and crazy credits (where available). From time to time I also delve into the show-specific Message Boards, looking for anything that might be worth my time to read.

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Mostly for dates and actors. I did write some movie reviews that were put up on there though.

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It is my “who’s voice is that” voice over argument ender.

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^sigh. he always wins. Damn you Craig T. Nelson

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Mostly to find some obscure good movies to add to my watchlist. I have to say I cone across some true hidden germs occasionally.

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@All Thank you for sharing. Despite how skewed some of the ratings and reviews can be on IMDb, it is indeed a plethora of valuable information for movie/TV watchers.

What is surprising is that only @Mimishu1995 mentioned using the Watchlist feature. It’s my way of tracking any movie or TV show to view when the time is right. The “People Who Liked This Also Liked…” function is also a way of digging for cinematic gold.

@Symbeline It’s nice to know that at least one Jelly has written reviews. Like many of the respondents on this thread, they are helpful.

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