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What was your first word?

Asked by wizard (698points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

Mine was ‘ball’, but then came ‘momma’ and then ‘da’. Can you remember way back when?

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I have no idea. I do know that when my son was one and a half he looked at my computer screen and said “google” when it was on the google search page.

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no.. but i remember my nieces first word was my name.. lol

MELLY.. i usually spend time with her the most and i kind of trained her to say my name.. hahaha

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My first word was ball. After that, according to my mom, I would point at anything remotely circular (wheels, a light bulb, and of course actual basketballs, tennis balls, etc) and say “Ball!”

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mom…. wizard, I am so proud of you!!!!!

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is this ur first question WIZARD??

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I can’t remember mine and my mom never mentioned it, but my son’s was “teeth” and he pointed at them when he said it. He then learned words very rapidly and never went through the “phrase phase”. Before he could walk, my neighbor and I were making chocolate truffles and smelled it and all of the sudden, popped out with: “Gimme some of that, gimme some of that, gimme some of that CHOCOLATE NOW!!!”

My favorite is my niece’s. I was giving her a bath as a very small baby and my sister had showed me how she would soap her back up and then draw daisies on it. She would then tickle her and say the word tickle. I did the same and she giggled back and said “ticko”. My sister (fortunately) heard it from another room and came running and my niece kept repeating it for her.

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One of my mom’s favorite stories is to tell us that after we moved to the United States, my first word in English at the age of 5 was “Go!”
My second word in English was “Shit!”.
That’s when my mom knew that I was hanging out with a tough group of kids!

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“I wanna go back, good by cruel and cold world. ”

J/k :)

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I said “all gone”.

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this reminds me of the MEET THE FOKERS where the little kids first word is


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My mom tells me my first word was “dog.”

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I don’t know what mine was. I asked my parents a long time ago but they didn’t remember. My mom remembered my sisters though..(goes off to cry)

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I have a prettyy musial family :)

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pussy (according to both my parents my uncle taught it to me)

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“Carro” Portuguese word for “car” and that is with the back of the throat rolled “French” R. Which I guess is easy for a baby to gurgle out ;-)

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My older brother was teasing me.

I was trying to say [get] out [of the] room.
Instead I said shout room.

He just kept shouting Room! Room!
until my mom heard me wailing and booted him out.

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