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What would be the best way to display jars of candy in a kitchen?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9848points) September 17th, 2012

Around 5 large jars.

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Well, you put the candy into jars, and place them around the ki- Oh, wait, nevermind.

Put two or three on the counter between your sink and the range top. Put the other two or three on other available surfaces.

Make sure that they’re nice jars, and that your style of kitchen can support homecrafty d├ęcor.

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I don’t understand what you want to know @Mama_Cakes? You have the jars and you want to put candy in them yes? Do you mean, should you group them together or put them on a shelf in a row? Sorry if I am missing the point.

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I was thinking more of a shelf, I guess.

Nevermind. My brain is mush tonight.

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Shelves; counter tops; inside cupboards with glass doors; hanging from a ceiling shelf, sitting on a stool or bench.

There are a limited number of options.

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I have some stainless steel shelves. Not solid. They are made up of rows of square stainless steel rods.. not sure how to describe them. We had them made and I used them to put pans, pots and appliances on. They look very modern but are very functional too.

What do the jars look like? Can you take a photo? That might inspire us to think more creatively.

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Glue one to the wall.

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If you don’t have the jars, I always think these apothecary jars look lovely and you could group them together. Of course, then you will eat more candy too probably!

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Make a pyramid.

Three on the bottom, two on top of the three, then a single jar on top of the two.

Found a pic for you. Link

edit: oops, you said 5, not 6.

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@FutureMemory: A tempting target for OPs two cats.

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This is not one of those trick questions….? Get rid of the candy and get something healthy? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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I have seen a cute idea where you place different sized/shaped jars on top of thick candlesticks – and since I know that you love the idea of a retro gumball machine, this might be right up your alley.
A few pics:

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Are these just for decoration or are they being used to store candy which is to be eaten? If they’re for decoration, put them where the sun can shine through them (I guess I’m thinking candies that are clear bright colors) If they are candies for munching on, simply line them up along the back of a counter with enough space to do cooking prep in front of them..

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My vote is for putting them on a shelf. I am a shelf person.

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I would vote for tall slender clear glass jars with covered tops.
That way they take up as little counter real estate as possible. You can also have versatility in the products you put in them from twizzlers to jelly beans.

GQ as it has given me also a good idea to balance color with some that I have pasta in now.

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In my case, it would be just displaying empty jars. My candy jars are always empty. It is like they are bottomless portals into a parallel universe.

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