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Does anybody enjoy moving?

Asked by boxer3 (4150points) September 19th, 2012

Seriously? Is there anybody that enjoys the physical act of moving? I certainly don’t, I’d go so far as to say I hate it and I don’t hate a lot of things. Of course the place that you’re moving may be lovely and worth it however I feel like the process it self is overwhelmingly daunting. How do you feel about it? Any moving nightmares/ good experiences to share?

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I enjoy setting up a new place but the physical process of moving…..hate it!

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Moving sucks, big time!

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I agree with @janbb…I love to move into a brand new place and figure out where everything is going to go, but I wish everything could move itself by magic. (I don’t even mind the packing up, just the actual moving part…)

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It is times like this that make me ask why people have so many damned books. Moving people’s books suck. But it is a good way to find stuff you lost years ago and gave them up for lost. And it will make you realize how rich you are, having all that stuff. But no, moving is a drag, especially if you have been in the place for a long time.

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I am not giving up any of my books, @woodcutter…you will have to come and help me move them! :P

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@woodcutter, honestly…I packed up all of the books in my book case and three boxes later thought, damn this is going to suck climbing the stairs to my new apartment….though it may make me a jerk, I hope somebody that’s assisting my moving process snags those..

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You guys really want to blow out my back?

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I got used to it as a child, we moved every year. As long as someone else does the work, I love it.

Every time I say to my husband “I want to sell the house and move” He says “OK, start packing up the books”. That ends the discussion.

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@woodcutter nonono I won’t make you, I promise.

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I moved an average of twice a year for the first thirty years of my life. When we bought a house, I swore I would never move myself again. If I had to move, I’d get people who would do everything.

Well, so far, I haven’t moved and I would feel fine staying here until it’s time to get a one story house. Which might not be that far away. But if I ever had to move myself, and carry all that furniture down three stories and back up again, it would probably kill me.

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As long as the destination is a better place.

As much as I love where I am, there is a thrill that runs deep while I pack for Fiji.

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@woodcutter…I won’t either, lol!

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Thanks and you can get someone else to get the mattresses please. And those cheesy particle board entertainment stands that tend to disintegrate when you try to move them. Especially if they have dug themselves deep into the carpet…ooops!

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Well, I can see you’re just not going to be any help, are you, @woodcutter? : )

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I can can be inspirational support

I’m hungry

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You can can? So you would dance while we are doing heavy lifting? Hah! No food for you!

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I can get the beer. That i can do.

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Not any more. I loved moving from Phila. to here – my twenty acres of paradise in rural upstate NYS – 26 years ago. That’s my last move. My next one will be six feet under, and Milo can do the packing.

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I don’t mind the packing… it’s kind of soothing, actually. But the moving itself is awful, especially if there are a lot of stairs, or it’s freezing rain in February (done both.) The one time we used professional movers was not bad, though they broke a couple of things.

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Now that I have a lot more stuff I hate the packing process, even when the movers do all the packing. It’s rather stressful for me to watch everything get packed up. Every move I have made meant much of my things were in storage for at least three months, sometimes over 6 months. I really feel like I want to downsize everything, have less stuff. Less furniture, less files, less clothing. Part of it has to do with feeling more free and more mobile. Moving is just a reminder that I have a bunch of crap I probably should throw out or give away or not be attached to.

But, I do like setting up a new place. It has been some of the happiest times in my marriage setting up our new homes, even though we always have some arguments during the process. Especially hanging all the pictures/paintings on the wall is the most stressful (I measure, he does the rest of it) but always one of the final touches that makes the house feel like a home.

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I always enjoyed while moving. Moving are always stressful & happy if people make a plan. Planning doesn’t mean to set only time of moving or date of moving, it means to schedule all the packing material- how to pack it, how many boxes are needed, number of boxes, how to label it and many more things. As well as, the best way to tackle this situation by hiring a professional movers because they are experienced in this field.

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I would be really worried for all our animals. Right now we have been in this house so long it is a part of us, as well as all the critters. It would be hard to get a new place that would be as accommodating to them and what they all have been accustomed to. Animals hate moving too.

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