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Am I putting out an "available" vibe?

Asked by serenade (3784points) September 24th, 2012 from iPhone

After a protracted process of attrition, my SO and I have decided to officially call it quits and separate for good sometime in the next few months. Since then, it feels like I’ve been getting looks from random women, which is not something I experience very often. Am I throwing off vibes? Have you experienced something like this?

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I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through a split-up. Even if both of you know it is the right decision, it doesn’t make it easy.

As for the sudden magnetism, it’s probably one of three things:
* The word is out that you are now available
* You are just starting to notice the attention being cast in your direction because you are now aware of it. Maybe before, you considered yourself off-market, thus not paying attention.
* There isn’t a partner on your arm

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I think you are probably feeling free to notice more.

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Odd. Usually women notice you more if you already have a partner and are proven desirable. When you break up, it’s as if you become damaged goods and undesirable.

Count yourself lucky, and take advantage, if you want, before it goes away.

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You are probably more open to the idea of smiling back or it could be your prior relationship was like a weight on your shoulder that made you undesirable to others. Happy people get noticed more. It can even be that you are unconsciously dressing up a little better and grooming yourself better. I find that people start to let themselves go down hill when they are generally unhappy. Not always but unhappy people don’t always care about the way they look since they have other things on their mind.

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You’re just noticing this more.

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You feel free, you feel good and now your taking your time to actually LOOK what’s around you.

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