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Did you ever meet someone at a wedding?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) September 4th, 2009

I mean, did you meet someone new who would later become someone special in your life? Who was it? What kind of relationship ensued? What happened to that relationship?

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I didn’t, but our younest daughter met her SO at our oldest daughter’s wedding. He’s our SIL’s best friend.

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No and as of yet, I don’t know any couples who have met at weddings.

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A guy hit on me a lot at my brother’s wedding. He turned out to be my cousin’s live in boyfriend. I made a rule then to not hook up at weddings or other family events. I have a very large family, and wouldn’t want to make that mistake again.

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My sister and her husband’s first date was to his cousin’s wedding, but I don’t suppose that’s exactly what you’re asking.

I had an arranged booty call (as in a wedding guest suggested to both me, this chick and the small crowd gathered around us that we should hook up), but I ended up getting hopelessly trashed and passed out.

Most of the weddings I’ve attended have been out of town, so that and my lack of game have been mitigating factors on many occasions.

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To me, it’s almost only in movies where a bunch of people who don’t know each other get together for a wedding. The weddings I’ve been to have been family affairs, and I knew the others were related to the bride or groom, or long term friends.

I used to work weddings, and was hit on quite a bit. But, rule of thumb: most people who attend weddings have a date…one that is most likely serious. Oh, and people like to get drunk at weddings.
So no, I’ve never met anyone new that I continued a relationship with.

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@casheroo: I’ve worked for caterers before and yes, most people who attend weddings drink to get drunk and think their fellow wedding guests and attending vendors are part of the smorgasbord/hook up opportunities. grrr

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I’ve been lucky at weddings (or i was up until i no longer went alone) in that i always managed to meet someone.. on occasion date.. some just have a “fling” and once even got caught in the coat check room. Good times.

(now i’m even luckier because i get to take my fiancee to all my friends’ weddings and get ideas for ours).

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I met someone at a wedding. He lived up the road of some close friends and despite having heard his name spoken from time to time for years, I had never met the man. I was invited to a wedding of some mutual friends it always seems quite amazing to me that I was actually invited, but that is not relevant to this question As I was about to leave the wedding reception he introduced himself, we only spoke for about 5 minutes and I did not give the encounter much thought after that, except I had thought he was rather attractive, although significantly older than me. About 6 weeks later we were both at, again, a mutual friends 50th birthday celebration and we talked a lot this time, in fact we talked almost exclusively to each other. Over a period of several weeks we got to know each other more and developed a rather special relationship. It lasted for about 5½ years.

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Lots of people. I don’t remember any of them though.

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Kinda, met this girl I find interesting. I’ll tell you if anything comes of it.

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@Dr_C: ooh ooh, the good Doktor was working those crowds!

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I didn’t. But, I sat a girlfriend next to some friends of mine who I thought she would get along with at my wedding, and they set her up with a close friend of theirs. They hit it off and now they are married.

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Ya know Day they say it’s one of those gigs that you meet women, it’s easy, they’re all sappy and teary with emotion cuz of the event – I think it’s a myth. Been to plenty of Simchas – I think women today (since the 60’s) are just as cynical if not more so than men – and the wedding, white and all that jazz aint working on them no more. IMHO.

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My parents met one another at a wedding. My Dad was good friends with my Mom’s cousin Elmo who was getting married.

yes I have a cousin Elmo, many a cousin Vinny, and more Aunt Mary’s / Marie’s than you could shake a bread stick at…

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An entire branch of the family that I had never seen before, and would never see again. That was my aunt’s wedding. My uncle-in-law came with a full set of relatives that are too far away for us to really get to know, and who probably aren’t interested anyway.

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