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How do I go about getting babysitting jobs?

Asked by jordym84 (4742points) October 12th, 2012

I recently moved to Florida after a failed stint in NYC and have a lot of free time these days, so I’m looking to supplement my income (as well as fill up my free time) until I get called for a full-time job and one of my friends suggested that I look into babysitting. We live in a big condo complex in Orlando near Disney World and a lot of the people who live here have kids. I don’t have any formal babysitting experience, but I’ve been around kids my entire life (siblings, cousins, family friends, etc.) and being the oldest of 3 kids, I helped my parents a lot with my brother and sister so I’m really good with kids. Also, I come from a family of teachers (both my parents and some of my aunts/uncles and cousins, too) and I have learned a lot from watching them at work.

I’m not sure how to best present myself in order to get gigs and I was hoping my fellow flutherites (is that the right word?) would be able to help. Parents: what do you look for in a babysitter? Current and former babysitters: how did you go about getting gigs? How do I advertise and set a competitive rate for my services? Any other tips/suggestions?

Here’s a little about myself: I’m a 24 year-old female; have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management; fluent in 5 languages; I’m very responsible, reliable, professional and friendly; I have TONS of patience; have a lot of experience dealing with kids both in my personal life and from previous jobs (I have done 3 internships in Disney World and had extensive training on how to address little ones, whether they’re happy or in distress). Additionally, my hours are flexible and pretty much “unlimited” as I have nothing but free time and can’t stand to not be doing something productive.

I look forward to seeing what the collective can help me come up with. Thank you all in advance :)

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What about talking to the management company of the complex to see if it would be okay to advertise in the building(s)?

Personally though, I think that you need to spend the time pounding the pavement in order to find a full-time job. Orlando is prime territory for hotels, and now is the time that they are gearing up for the onslaught of visitors. With your credentials, there is no reason why the job offers shouldn’t pour in, unless you are holding out for a management position and/or don’t have any experience.

As a former hotel hiring manager, I’d have more respect for you if I found out that you were doing housekeeping in a hotel rather than babysitting while waiting for the right job to come along.

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Hm. Maybe apply to Disney World for a babysitting job? I imagine a lot of parents who go to Disney World would like Mom and Dad time out…but need a babysitter. I assume they have child care available.

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There is this great site that you could post your ad and the experience you listed above on it

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Are you talking in your home or at peoples houses? Does Florida require licensing before you can do it?

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Contact a professional child care placement service. They usually have an on-call list that you can be on. In California, you must have a police clearance to get a child care license.

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I was going to make the same suggestion as @creative1. That really is a great site for this type of thing.

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