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Is anabolic protein a marketing ploy?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) October 14th, 2012

First heard of anabolic protein a week ago googled it got a lot of sites with marketing their powders and drinks a few little summaries about how it helped in muscle recovery. Leaner muscles etc. I looked at the ingredients seemed mostly comprised of amino acids. Is there more to it then that? Because a healthy diet should be enough to cover it naturally. Of course some foods are richer then others in this respect… any knowledge on topic will help.

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Yes, as with all bodybuilding and nutritional supplements, they aren’t regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The agreement between the manufacturers and FDA allows the supplements to claim any positive effects of their product but must not advocate the use of their product to treat any illness or disease. While there’s no known negative effect of using anabolic whey, consumers should use discretion when taking any supplement.


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Although I only know how to search the internet for this stuff, it seems that there are questions about toxins that are introduced or made during the whey refining process. Try googling “toxins in whey” and see what comes up.

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@snowberry thank you. I hadn’t thought to search for the drawbacks and this didn’t pop up on related searches.

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Yes, I always always search for toxins in stuff. Also helps to find out how stuff is processed. Sometimes although the ingredients may be healthy, the processing produces toxins or unhealthy side effects when eaten or used. Check also numerous websites (government and non government), MSDS sheets, etc.

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