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What types of food do you crave? Do you realize why you crave such foods?

Asked by aviona (3260points) April 6th, 2009

Do you know why this is?

For example, since I’m vegetarian, I often find myself craving protein (recently it’s been hard-boiled eggs) because my body is lacking it. I’m also a big sucker for the power of suggestion. If I’m watching a movie and they’re eating a delicious-looking salad…I want salad. In the next scene they’re eating a scrumptious cupcake…I want a cupcake: two completely different things.

When you crave something do you realize it is due to a deficiency of some kind or is it completely random?
And what’s with sweet cravings? I mean our body can’t actually need that Snicker’s bar…

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I crave salty foods because I have adrenal insufficiency and my body loses salt. When I go too long without protein I get headaches.

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Sweet, Salty, Repeat.

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I’m going to go straight to your very last question: Sweet/Salty/Fatty cravings—I think these are the most common, and I think from an evolutionary/caveman point of view it makes perfect sense for us to crave these, because they were a lot harder to come by back in the day, than plant and vegetable- based foods. Plus, one big difference between “junk” food and “healthy” food is that the former is a lot more calorie-dense, so if you’re a caveman, more calories = you can live longer on that food when you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from.

Of course they didn’t have french fries or cupcakes back then, but humans always crave fattier, saltier, sweeter foods, and so that’s what we create.

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When I drink I crave Krystals.

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I crave pizza and pasta. I think it’s because I love bread and cheese, and I’m trying to drop a few pounds so I don’t let myself indulge. I’m sure if I quit eating veggies, I’d start craving them too. For me, it’s all about what I don’t let myself have.

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I crave chocolatey things and salty things
don’t know why

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Chocolate (pretty much daily). And I’ve been known to eat Nutella (a chocolate/hazelnut spread much like butta’) by the spoonful just to get a fix. That and edamame with a bit salt. Oh, and dill pickles.

Not sure why. I just know that chocolate makes me feel all sorts of happy.

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Baked sweets, because they remind me of family, comfort, and home. I also believe the theory that sugars/sweets temporarily increase dopamine production, but leave you with a dependency to re-create the sensation with even more sugar.

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I crave nuts for the iron. I have always had on iron deficiency.

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Depends on a lot of different things, when I am nearing that time of the month I crave a lot of sweet food other times I crave salty foods.
Every once in awhile I crave orange juice really bad for a few days and even though I really dislike milk I have cravings for that for a few days. I think a lot of these craving happen when my body is lacking something.

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Eggs, I’m also a vegetarian and definitely don’t get enough protein. I could LIVE off of eggs in all of their forms.

I crave soda sometimes, I generally have low sugar levels though.

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What types of food do you crave? Delicious.
Do you realize why you crave such foods? I’m High.

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@uberbatman I know what you mean, man. haha

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@uberbatman I almost said at the end Could it just be the munchies or that you’re pregnant?

Hmmmm…I want pickles and frosting and jam and aioli on toast with melted cheese…haha.

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@aviona lol. i dont think any amount of pot could get me to eat that concoction :P

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@uberbatman haha juuuuust an example. everything sounds appealing at the same time!

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someone wants strawberries!

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I’m a sucker for salty foods, and I’m always craving coffee or tea or sweet beverages. I’m a Slurpee fiend.

And yes, the power of suggestion is very strong. Usually I give in to temptation, too, and I guess my brain has gotten used to the satisfaction, so my cravings can be very sudden and strong. I need to learn to say, “no”.

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The worst is reading about food. I always want what I read about. Funny though because it works on me for chores as well. If i’m reading a novel and someone is cleaning and enjoying it I suddenly want to clean as well

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I crave all foods and I will eat just about anything. I usually nosh on a little of this and a little of that. I maintain my weight best on high proteins though.

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i was a vegetarian for almost two years, and near the end of it (this sounds gross, i know!) i swear all i wanted was an extremely rare steak.

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We all need meat..

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@SeventhSense I would disagree, but that’s a wholeee different discussion.

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Yes one can get by with very close substitutes but the fact of the matter is that we are omnivores and designed to eat a variety of different substances. Humans have canines and molars designed for both tearing flesh and masticating vegetable matter. Human canines are not as pronounced as other mammals but if we look to our closest relatives the bonobo chimps one can see a template closest to our species. They will catch and eat small mammals, mice, birds, insects but unlike the common chimp rarely cannibalize each other for meat. Chimps also eat vegetable matter all day. Certainly the cannibalism lobby is not one we need to support in Washington, and if we were to eat the carbohydrates that chimps consume we would have garbage cans full of fruits and vegetables for our daily fill. Still, the best sources of protein are animal sources-mainly fish, eggs and lean meats. Also the level of protein humans consume may be extreme, but for the health of the body it’s best to consume some and certainly more than our closest relatives. And if one is to be a vegetarian it is vital to eat a variety of different proteins which is rarely done.
Animal sources of protein tend to be complete. Other protein sources lack one or more “essential” amino acids—that is, amino acids that the body can’t make from scratch or create by modifying another amino acid. Called incomplete proteins, these usually come from fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. (Harvard Scool of Public Health)
Furthermore there is growing evidence of the nature of high protein, low carbohydrate diets to lose weight. I can definitely testify to that I find high protein, low carb diets personally work best Certainly the types of proteins we consume is also significant.

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Churros, cupcakes, macaroni.

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I’m craving Oreos with peanut butter filling right now. Have you tried these? They are terrible heavenly!

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Chocolate covered pretzels.Because they are so freaking good!

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I crave steak. I love it. I think the only motivation behind steak cravings for me is I love the taste. I’m a sucker for an awesome steak

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White Castle!!! Catch the crave! Oh… and that thing that only women have… you know,,,

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Mcdonalds… =)

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I crave protein. When I was a teen I was very anemic. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I eat meat, fish, eggs and cheese like it’s going out of style. I can do without salty, sweet, and starches.

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I’ve noticed when I’m feeling sad, fatigued, or unmotivated I always crave chocolate. Not things like chocolate chip cookies or Nutella, but pure chocolate. I guess it’s from the endorphins that act like a pick-me-up.

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My midwife told me to obey my cravings not necessarily by eating the milkshake I thought I wanted but by eating something healthy from that food group, for example plain milk or yogurt, or cheese. I think we crave some stuff just because we are inundated from birth by junk food ads but would get the same satisfaction by eating a similar healthier choice. Now where did I put my fries???????

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I crave KFC dark meat. Or homemade chicken thighs.

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