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What gift card do I get for the new Tabeo tablet?

Asked by Judi (39781points) October 31st, 2012 from iPhone

Yes, after I bought it for my grandson I saw the negative reviews, but now that I bought it, I want to give it to him with a gift card for games. Even the people at toys r us are confused.
I bought a google card because the toys r us guy “thought” that was right, but I have also heard that you have to buy the games from toys r us, so maybe I should get THEIR card, although the toys r us guy didn’t think so.
Does anyone know for sure??

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I’m not a fan of gift cards because of the way it narrows your flexibility. However, in this case, I can say that if you give cash, he’ll be able to use it for what he needs. Or, if you must give plastic, give a visa or mastercard money card that can be used anywhere to get the right games.

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I would highly recommend that you return this. It’s all that is wrong with technology (and toys) today. Depending on how old the kid is, a Nexus 7 or even an iPod Touch would be a better choice.

When you say “google card”, you are likely referring to a Google Play gift card. Since the Tabeo has removed (and blocked) the Google Play store from this “tablet”, the card cannot be used, unfortunately. Note: Google Play is how you download free apps or purchase apps on a real Android tablet or phone.

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@tom_g, so will a toys r us gift card work?

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@Judi – Highly unlikely. Note: From what I am reading, the Tabeo appears to be a rebranded Archos ChildPad.

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Where can I find additional apps for Tabeo?

Parents can find more than 7,000 additional apps, kid-friendly books, videos and more through the Tabeo App Store, which can be accessed through Tabeo. You will need to be connected to a WiFi network in order to access the Tabeo App Store.

Looks to me @Judi like you’ll need to use the Tabeo to purchase more games…How you do that might need to be a question for the customer service # at the link above.

This thing looks like a gimmick to me @Judi: It reads as if the 50 apps that are already on it might be all they had when they released this tablet. I hope that’s not true any longer.

I’d contact customer service and shake them down for some answers.

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