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If you were food, what would you be?

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) October 31st, 2012

“You are what you eat.” Time to evaluate this saying.

So what would you be and why?

I think I might be a sausage or anything similarly shaped because of all the sexual innuendos I make.

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I’m Kraft Dinner, cuz I’m a cheap hoe lol.

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Fresh wild mushrooms, picked by someone who knew what they were doing…. you hope.

I’m a cheap hoe, too, but just a little bit risky, as well.

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Probably something extremely unhealthy, but delicious. Maybe a pasta dish of some sort.

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Soylent Green.


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Sweet Potato Pie. Yuuummm!

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The moldy leftovers in the back of the fridge, or that package of frozen mystery meat in the bottom of the freezer, all dessicated, crumbly and colorless.

But tasty!

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I’d be ice cream ‘cause I like to be lic….

(soft ice cream)

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Pepperoni and Anchovies thin crust pizza. . . .

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Meatballs, because i’m hot, well rounded &...&.....err, I own a set of balls, empathy see.

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I’d be a coconut. Hard work to crack but tasty nourishing and oh so yummy.

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A cheesecake!
I’m sweet, firm, not too heavy and will melt in your mouth.
Don’t let the graham cracker crust fool you though, I’m also a tough little cookie.

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Meat. Because that’s what we’re all made of. We are talking meat.

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chopped liver

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@Symbeline I’m quite fond on cheap dinners and hoes. Its what makes the world go ‘round. LOL

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Back to the question at hand…...
I’m SPAM. Everyone picks every thing else over me…but I’ll do in a pinch. :)

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Fruit Salad! (Not the kind in a can. That’s ‘fruit cup.’)

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A chocolate eclair. Sweet, crisp, and satisfying.

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I eat a lot of snap peas…..
I love snap peas. :)

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Nutella :)

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@wundayatta Kraft Dinner gets a little risky if you put wieners in it. :D

@Only138 Goddamnit, don’t ever let anyone tell you that Spam isn’t good. I love that stuff lol. For real though, love it in my sandwiches.

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Mole. It’s little bit sweet, a little bit spicy and very smooth, complex without being intimidating, and with a lot of stuff going on (the long winded-ness).

I probably should have said Cardamom LOL

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@bookish1 LOL haven’t heard this before, but now I’m glad I have! Now we just need one of those pinup pictures from the fifties with a caption mentioning spam on it. :D

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Today I am banana salt water taffy. lol

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Ice cream with shitloads of hot chocolate sauce and fudge brownies yea I’m exactly in that mood. I need it. Quick.

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I would be an Oscar Meyer Wiener. Then everyone would love me.

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@majorrich Thanks for the memory!

As kids we used to sing:
“Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.
That is what I really want to be.
‘Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer wiener
Everyone could eat me.”

Haven’t thought of that in years.

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Well marbled, certainly.

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