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What do you do when you're sick?

Asked by shrubbery (10311points) June 6th, 2008

Oh fellow flutherites, I am unfortunately sick again :( Usually I try to do everything as normal until I’m too sick to go out or doing anything too straining, then I stay home and sleep in or watch tv or play the playstation or read, I get looots of reading done, yay! At the moment though I have to go to work still even though I am actually at the stage where I usually stay home. They need me at work because we are understaffed as recently a death has occured in one of our staffmembers family, who is also involved with another staffmember so he’s off too. And we were short of staff in the first place so they’re getting kind of desperate now. Anyway, the point of this is I am just wondering what you do to pass the time while you’re sick? Do you just lie in bed or do you do chores around the house if you’re well enough but not quite well enough to go back to work? What do you do?

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sleep it off or read.

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Sleep, read, and eat my chicken soup.

Or sometimes I just decide to lament and whine all day while staying in bed.

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Lots of fluids, paracetamol, be comfy, hot bath, rest – that works pretty much every time.

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White Man’s Cure: chicken noodle soup and flat Sprite. (note: this is not funny if you aren’t a South Park fan.) Watch lots of South Park and The Simpsons, as laughing helps you heal faster. Or turn into a Lost junkie, as I have become, and get about as much done as if I were sick.

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Chicken soup is actually nicknamed “Jewish penicillin,” for what reason, I do not know.

I almost forgot, but ginger ale is good when your stomach isn’t feeling the best.

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I’m Jewish.
I’m allergic to penicillin.
I don’t get sick hardly ever.
Cuz I don’t take penicillin.


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At least you have an excuse to be on fluther 24/7. Not that anyone really needs one…

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Depends how sick I am….

Nausea and vomiting – stay close to bed and the bathroom, feel unloved and sorry for myself.

Cold – read, watch dvds, do some laundry, drink tea, generally enjoy the lowkey pace.

If I have to go to work with a cold, everyone bitches that I should have stayed home and not exposed them (but I don’t get paid sick days so I tend to go in.)

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- take a sick-day
– take naps throughout day
– watch morning TV (which being as vacuous as it is usually motivates me to get back
to work the next day
– catch up on reading
– rewatch old DVDs
– drink lots of tea

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When I get sick, I go on fluther for a long time, and then I feel better.

[this actually happened, no joke. although it may have been a coincidence…]

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Cut down on: beef, n pork fry foods from your diet. Whenever I can get grill is much better than fried. Eat a lot of greens veggies n fruits and drink lots of water as well as exercise regularly, you will hardly ever get sick

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I spit flem out like a crazed llama.

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I sleep it off, and drunk plenty of fluids. To pass time, I listen to music, watch movies or tv, and read. If you have a videogames console, maybe rent a few games and try to beat them while you’re off. Oh yeah, and lemon-honey tea with cough drops.

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I agree with edmartin101.

When I’m sick I stay in bed and draw. It makes time go faster. Watch a movie.

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When I am sick, I sleep…a lot (i always need an excuse to stay in bed anyway). The rest of the time I fuss over myself, try (and fail) to make my family feel guilty about not fussing over me, watch tons of movies and read books, get my brother to do chores for me by guilt tripping him. In all honesty, we like to act as a big “tough love” family. You are sick, big deal, get over it. But we do end up getting (and giving) special treatment anyway! As for you (you shouldn’t be working!!!), but make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids and take a nap as soon as you get home. Stay away from caffeine (just further weakens your immune system when sick). Hope you feel better!

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I listen to audiobooks. Plug in the buds, close the eyes and imagine along with the author. And, if I doze off – well that’s what rewind is for…..

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NyQuil…With a Scotch chaser…
The Scotch gets rid of the NyQuil taste….
Then sleep….

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Ask hubby to pick up movies…sleep, have extra vitamins and oj, sleep, rest, read, take hot baths, drink tons of tea with lemon, sleep, stay in the bed, snore, lose interest in sex, feel lonely, drink chicken broth, open the window, close the window, and get on the computer when I can think straight.

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Bitch and whine.

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Like any real man I moan and whine while my wife takes care of me.

I sleep, and drink tons of fluids. I watch a lot of movies and simpsons. if I can’t sleep.

Prune shrubbery. Prune the bad stufff and get better soon.

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@Bri_L “Like any real man I moan and whine while my wife takes care of me” You couldn’t have said it better…

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hehe. I feel like that sometimes. What makes it worse is when I try to take care of my wife she gets pissed off at me.

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sleep, nap
nyquil, dayquil, cold md, vitamin c drops, vitamins.

I’m sick right now and it sucks.

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I was sick with a bad cold earlier this week. All I could do was lie in bed and sleep. I couldn’t even talk on the phone—everything hurt. Fortunately, that lasted just one day. When the head is not in a vice-like grip, I love to stay in bed when I’m sick and read a good novel. I might be able to finish the whole thing before I get better.

Also, I notice “feel a cold, starve a fever” seems to be accurate, at least that’s how I feel.

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I lay in bed and sleep and listen to music on my iPhone

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vitamin c, b-12, and zinc.
water, water, water.
sunny room, cool washrag, tv.
soup, fruits, chocolate.
sleep, stretch, Kleenex with lotion.
Hot showers, cuddle with my dog Lynn.
wait for Hubbie to get off work, and lots of reading!

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If I am well enough to do chores, I am going to work, not stay home…I would rather be at work than at home doing chores (therefore also, not using vacation time). So if I stay home from work from sickness, I STAY in bed or on the sofa with a book or the remote and plenty of fluids….all I really want to do when sick is sleep.

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Feel very, very sorry for myself, when I am not sleeping.

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This is terrible, but a few times when I was home sick, I took my sorry ass to the movie theater and watched all the movies I wanted to until I had to get home before the kids…

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rowenaz, maybe it’s just me, but that would just make me feel sicker

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it depends on the sickness – I had strep throat once, felt terrible, but sitting in a movie theater drinking was no different than being in bed watching tv. It was alot more entertaining – the theater was almost empty.

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Eat, read,talk, listen to music, watch TV-get well and thank everyone for care.

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take a shit!

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I was sick once every month last year! (fun…) i read, whated tv (a lot) and slept!)

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sry i meant watched

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Sleep and watch The Price is Right. That show has magical healing powers.

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I’m rarely sick but when I am I eat Vegetarian Vegetable soup, bread and butter and watch tv in bed. I also do a Lot of moaning.

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Keep a daily journal.
In the end you would have a novel one day.
Sleep as much as your body needs..its the best treatment to promote self healing.
If unhappy in your life this can sap the energy right out of you.
Decide to find out why you feel this way?
Then do something about turning your life around, be that a new career,environment,or relationship or whatever.

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