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How is a french kiss properly performed?

Asked by plethora (9570points) November 5th, 2012

This question was asked on fluther 2–3 years ago or more and whoever answered it gave such an absolutely perfect answer that I saved it. And now I have lost it. Anybody remember the question or a particular answer that impressed you? Or do you have a good answer to it?

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With love, passion and hunger.

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To me, it’s like you melt into each other.

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I wasn’t here for that discussion. For what it’s worth this is my take of it.

You didn’t get into specifics such as who started the kiss etc. So I will say for examples sake that you are intiating the kiss. I will substitute I in this example because it helps me visualize the scene better.

I am holding your hand, we are walking side by side. Lightly tracing my finger on the inside of you wrist. We pause momentarily to take in the scene. Looking into your eyes I focus solely on you. You draw closer I smell you and can feel the restrained excitement. I shiver and you draw me into your arms to warm me, I wrap my arms around you. We are talking but it’s light and unimportant. Your heart is just a little accelerated, I wet my lips and kiss the nape, a couple kisses tracing up your neck, I nip it softly. You respond immediately, slightly startled. I bring my head up, direct, teasing, serious. There is a pause and I shake my head drawing away briefly bringing my hands away I put a finger to my lips moistening them as I do, before you respond I kiss your lips, placing my arms around your neck, the kisses are soft short feeling them with mine. Inhaling you, feeling your response, you start returning my pecks for yours, impatient. I pull on your hair a little softly but deepen the kiss, swallowing my excess saliva, sliding my moist tongue into your mouth. I take time to dance with your tongue as it meets mine at the entrance of your tongue. It’s not about force or power. It’s like being blind in a strange place. I taste you, explore the shape of your tongue, more is less, the movement how you follow me, if you engage and also advance. Don’t let it turn into a teeth mashing cavity search. Draw away a little before you want to nibbling a little on the the bottom lip before you draw away completely.

That is my interpretation of a first kiss.

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Lips touch…but just barely…they touch again…and this time linger longer…moist lips…NOT wet lips, Moist lips. Gently nipping touching the partner’s lips. Nibbling just a bit, especially if the going is good. Tilting each head to opposite sides, so each can breathe, then letting the lips meet and dual and play while one slips his or her tongue ever so briefly into their partner’s mouth. Tasting the other’s tongue, slipping gliding in each lover’s mouth. And THEN, sealing their moist (NOT WET) lips embracing the tongues inside each mouth dualing and consuming the other on and on and on til the lovers break, powerfully and breathless to hold each other;s faces close and recover.

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Is it this one? Or maybe this, or this?

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It’s an effective way to kill vampires, what with the garlic breath & everything.

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yo what up pleth!

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Enthusiastically. After that, the details can vary with the participants.

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Hey FM…long time, no see

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Here is the original answer. I found it. I had saved it. Do not know who was the author. If it’s yours, please let me know.

How to French Kiss

A gentle interplay of tongues and lips between two people locked in a passionate, intense, sexual exchange.
Rules that should be law:
Breathe through your nose
Heads cocked to one side (R or L—although this can be altered in marathon sessions) Lips should be moist, NOT sloppy wet **very important**
Lips may be licked and move and/or reseal periodically
Tongues should be caressing, not dueling
Soft moaning is encouraged when the getting’s good
...and yes, occasional, but gentle, lip nibbling is permitted…especially at first

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