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Where did you stop reading in the Dune series?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) November 6th, 2012

I have noticed that a few users have Dune names. Which always reminds me of the infinite complexity and sheer genuis of the Frank Herbert novels. I read til the last book of the original Frank Herbert series many years ago. Though I have owned Chapterhouse: Dune I haven’t picked it up not sure if I want to yet. It feels like it should be something special. Since I hesitate to read even the books written based on his notes, it seems sacreligious almost. Still I am curious. So I thought I would ask fellow Dune lovers where they stopped and why? Do you ever intend to pick up another one, however far you got?

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After the first one. Not sure why.

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a few chapters into the second one. It was boring.

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I finished up to Dune Messiah, I just haven’t had a chance to read any of the rest yet.

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@trailsillustrated It’s worth it you should give it a shot given the time
@YARNLADY because most of the familiar characters weren’t in it? I remember thinking why am I reading this but some one whose taste I trust encouraged me to keep on going and I found it quite entertaining in it’s own right. I think I gobbled all of the novels down in a month or so.
@amujinx I suppose there is no real rush, they will always be a classic.

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I wonder now if references to spice were the human drug spice. But I do recall the @fremen_warrior name in specific since I saw it today, I am still learning all of yours handles and writing styles, and matching them up.

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At Children of Dune. But I am told that the newer series are excelent.

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Read all 3 “House:...” preludes (Atreides, Harkonnen and Corrino), Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, God: Emperor of Dune, and the first tome of Dune Legends: the Butlerian Jihad. Mostly due to availability reasons (can’t find most of them in Poland, and I prefer to read them in English). Going to “import” some of them as soon as I get me some extra cash ;-) I thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read so far (especially the preludes to Dune). Glad to have another desert dwelling Jelly in our Fluther. Cheers!

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I think I struggled through them all, but I remember thinking that I had no idea what the hell just happened. Something about the child, Leto, who turned into a worm and then exploded? Can’t remember.

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@Trillian dude… you started from the middle, God Emperor of Dune, no wonder you’re confused ;-)

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@fremen_warrior, no. That’s where I stopped. Or at least where I lost interest. I started with Dune. I’ve read it several times, and seen both movies. Why would you think my answer said anything other than “This is where I stopped reading.”?

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@Trillian the ”I think I struggled through them all” that’s why. I just assumed you started from GEoD because if you read the books in order it all makes sense – to me at least.

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I own the entire series, save for Sisterhood of Dune, which I just can’t seem to get my hands on. (As a rule. I do not buy books online. It’s more fun to find them in person.)

I’ve read Dune twice and am about halfway through Dune Messiah. Someday (the mystical someday) I’ll have enough time to put the mental and emotional effort into tackling the rest of that fabulous universe.

It’s like reading The Silmarillion (sorry, @fremen_warrior, I’m a Tolkien fan first and foremost) – it takes a lot out of you.

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I have never read any of the Dune books! Haven’t heard anything about them until now!

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I think I have read all, including those written from FH’s notes. Enjoyed most but I tend to be a forgiving reader. It was interesting to read about what was only vaguely mentioned in Dune.

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After finishing the third book. I heard it went sharply downhill from there, and I decided to leave it while it was still good.

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I wasn’t aware there were precludes I need to check that out.
As far as the sons contribution how far do FH’s notes stretch out into them? Aren’t there around 30?

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Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune, Chapterhouse: Dune
Those are the Frank Herbert novels. He also has a short story: The Road to Dune.

Then there’s the Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson works:
House Atredies, House Harkonnen and House Corrino;
The Butlerian Jihad, The Machine Crusade, and The Battle of Corrin;
Hunters of Dune, Sandworms of Dune;
THEN we start on the Heroes series: Paul of Dune, The Winds of Dune, and Sisterhood of Dune.

I’ve just realised I don’t have Winds of Dune, either. That’s two books I need. Dammit.

Brian Herbert has a bunch of short stories as well.

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