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Are the old Bantam Spectra editions of the A Song of Ice and Fire books out of print?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) July 29th, 2014

Before Game of Thrones became part of mainstream fantasy popularity and the HBO series or whatever, they had these shiny minimalist covers for the longest time. Below is an example in the link.

After the show came out, these were hard to find. Now the covers are plastered with HBO ads or Sean Bean.

It seems like a petty complaint, but I hate it when a book becomes a movie or TV show and they change all the covers to posters and ads. I got into the series a year or two before the TV show came out, and now I can’t continue having a nice, uniform presentation of those older Bantam Spectra editions. I got cut off after A Clash of Kings and can’t find A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, or A Dance with Dragons in the same edition.

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This happens often with long series, especially if there is a long gap between releases. The publisher wants the new releases to appear “fresh”, and they don’t particularly care if the later jackets match the earlier ones – because if the customer cares, they will buy the older titles over again to get a matching set.

The Bantam Spectra series that is currently available in the US under non-HBO jackets looks like this. Assuming that you are in North America, you can choose either these covers or the tie-in covers. If Bantam has discontinued the “shiny” ones you started with, you won’t see them again. If you’re not in NA, they might have a different look, depending on which country it is.

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You might have some luck finding the editions you want on ebay. If they don’t have the right ones right now keep checking and they will show up eventually.

eBay listings for George R.R. Martin

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The weird thing is I saw on Google just now a matching edition of A Dance with Dragons, which I haven’t seen at all in stores. I know A Dance of Dragons was definitely published after the HBO series started. So maybe they’re just hard to find.

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@ScottyMcGeester Take a look at the cover images on this GRRM page. Hover your cursor over the image that you linked to – basically, this is an imagining of the cover as it would appear in that series, but it was not actually published.

Also, I would be wary of sellers who list these covers for editions you suspect do not exist. The covers on websites, particularly eBay or Amazon, often do not match the actual books, because the images are pulled from various other websites. So if you are unsure, contact the seller directly to make sure that it’s the cover you want.

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Aw. That would have looked really good.

But yeah I was thinking of looking on ebay but I thought to myself (How do I know for sure it’s going to be that one?)

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