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Has the sort of chocolate money you get at Christmas ever been legal tender?

Asked by blueiiznh (16658points) November 9th, 2012

I heard rumor that during the Great Depression when money was very hard to come by, that and overproduction of chocolate money and sweets in 1928 led to a glut that sustained many families in the Dust Bowl with no work or prospects.
I certainly use chocolate for certain favors and bribes, but I was wondering about this rumor.

What say you on the use of chocolate as tender?

Have you ever bartered with/for chocolate?

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No – but Chanukah gelt was! (Not really.)

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No never used chocolate as tender.

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My partner’s family (mostly the old folk now passed away) would play contract rummy at christmas. The adults would bet with real money and the kids with chocolate coins.

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I heard that Mrs Santa likes to lick on his chocolate salty balls, so maybe there’s some truth in it.

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@ucme Do you ever think of anything else? :-)

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B…b….bb….but I like xmas though.

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