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What should I fix for dinner?

Asked by Strauss (20327points) November 16th, 2012

I have about 3 hours until dinner, I have no way to get to the grocers. My pantry is a little limited, and I’m at a loss as what to cook. I have some frozen chorizo, frozen bacon, several types of garden greens (chard, beet tops, etc.), frozen. I have couscous, some potatoes, and several types of pasta. I have several cans of black bean soup, and a couple cans of minestrone (soups are not concentrated). I have all the essentials, e.g., cooking oil, condiments, spices, etc. Any suggestions? (P. S., no microwave.)

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Reservations or carry out.

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Pasta cooked in minestrone soup, with little bits of chorizo and bacon, with some spice thrown in.

EDIT: (cook until minestrone soup has almost totally evaporated)

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Use Supercook. Just write down any ingredients you want to use and it will give you many recipes that have those ingredients.

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Whenever the wife asks this I simply answer “the fucking cooker!”

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Do you have milk? eggs? cheese? beef or chicken or vegetable broth? an onion?

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Black bean soup with added chorizo, bacon and greens would be very good. Maybe even potatoes.

Or Mexican colcannon with mashed potatoes, chorizo, bacon and the cooked greens.

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Make an olive oil sauce for pasta with pieces of cooked bacon and chorizo and the greens cut up.

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Make the soups, and order pizza! Cut some fruit up, too, don’t make it all unhealthy.

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Lots of good recipes. Thanks, and keep them coming!

I found some brown rice, so I put that on to boil. I browned the chorizo, added the onion and garlic; added some chopped greens, then added the cooked rice. Seasoned with salt, pepper, turmeric and paprika. Yum!

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