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What are your best (easiest) tooth removal methods for kids?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) November 19th, 2012

My 11 year old is having an outrageously difficult time with a tooth that has been lose for over 6 months now. It just refuses to fall out on its own, even though there’s another tooth coming in, and it’s so painful that she can hardly bear to touch it. She keeps trying to numb it with orajel and pull it, but to no avail.

Any recommendations?

Note: I already tried to talk her into having the dental hygienist pull it but she was too scared.

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I really don’t recall my baby teeth being so painful when loose. I used to just wiggle it until it eventually fell out, some need harder pulling.

If the gum is so sore, perhaps there is another issue like an infection? So a dentist might be your best bet. She could be fearful because of the pain she is feeling. If you reassure her there will be no pain it might feel better for her.

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The hygienist said there wasn’t any problem with the tooth or gums, just that it was being incredibly stubborn.

And I keep trying to tell her the sooner she gets it out, the sooner the pain will go away, but you know pre-teens never listen. :D

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Hmm! well, we did the slam the door method. Ugh! can’t believe I did it, but my brother tied it to a door knob, then slammed the door. It worked loll

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Haha! My girls have done that too.

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With the boys I would hold my left fist up in the air and ask them, “You see that?”.

With their attention diverted to my left fist, I would jab them hard in the mouth with my right.

Worked. Every. Time.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Well tell her to bite the bullet!! so to speak, or literally who knows? If she is stubborn, perhaps a few moments of pure agony then aah! it’s over is worth it cringe

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Give her a t bone steak to chew on! Or a piece of really chewy taffy.

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Apples and granola bars work well here for the loosening part, then it comes down to a washcloth to finish the job.

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Where was the puppy removal video? They tied one end of the string to the tooth and one end to the puppy, then threw a toy.

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I was going to say have her eat an apple. I see @SpatzieLover, who is VERY smart, has already said that answer.

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The problem with eating things that would help, is that she refuses to eat those things because it hurts. She’s eating like a toothless geriatric, only on the left side of her mouth, because everything hurts.

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My kids still think the pliers are actually called the Tooth Pullers.

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String, car, tooth, throttle…!

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My grandfather would be like “Hey, let me see that loose tooth?” And we’d say “sure” and open out mouths. “A little wider, I can’t really see”, and as soon as our eyes closed, he’d pop it out with his thumbnail.

Somehow, this never turned us off from showing Pop Pop our loose teeth.

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Similar to @Seek_Kolinahr‘s grandfather, my mom would say “I’m just gonna look at it.”
Then she’d pull it real quick, because she’s a jerk.

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@AshLeigh LOL!

My dad used to pull mine with pliers. My daughter’s just a big chicken. :D

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She finally yanked it out, after I told her I would pull it myself if she didn’t.

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Brave kid! Now the tooth fairy better make it worth her while!!!

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She’ll get her usual dollar. :)

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@WillWorkForChocolate . . . Since it took so long for it to come out, you should leave a bill from the Tooth Fairy under her pillow stating that she owes a dollar.

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