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Just got back from the dentist. Is it normal for my tooth to hurt after a big filling?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) April 27th, 2010

The cavity was apparently almost to the nerve (I’m embarrassed to admit). I had it filled with that tooth-colored composite. I’ve had fillings before and it’s never hurt afterward before that I remember. This time it hurts, like a throbbing pain. Is that normal? Is it because of how close it was to the nerve? Or will it go away? Could it be a reaction to the composite since I’ve never had that before? I called the dentist office, but I think they’re at lunch now. I’m hoping they didn’t leave for the day, because this hurts like a mo fo.

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Scale of 1–10? one being painless and ten you’re screaming on the floor.

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I’ve had a couple fillings before, but neither of them were close to a nerver. So, that is probably why. I would wait to see what the dentist says. Did you try to leave a message on their phone?

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I asked my dentist this too after he filled some cavities the next time i visited him.
He told me it was normal to pain for some hours to a day, because he was ‘plumbing’ around there for some time.
In a way, your jaw and the thing where your teeth are standing in need to settle again.
I took some Ibuprofen and that did the job, for me.

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I’m no expert but I would assume that it’s hurting because of how close to the nerve it was. Pop some ibruprofen and call the dentist back just to make sure it’s normal.

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I have had pain after a deep filling for a day or so. Definitely talk to the dentist, but I agree with what others have said that it is most likely because of the closeness to the nerve.

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@gemiwing I’d say maybe a 7.
@rebbel I’m kind of worried because it’s not like a sore pain, more throbbing nerve pain… but still, it may just be agitated. I also had a tiny one filled in the back and it’s more of a sore pain.

I did leave a message. I’m hoping they call back after what I assume is their lunch hour. If not, I have an emergency number.

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Yes, it’s normal, but I wouldn’t let it go more than overnight. Take ibuprofen and try to rest. However, you have said that it’s a throbbing pain which concerns me that your dentist may have gotten closer to the nerve than he thought. I’m a little surprised that he didn’t put a medicated pellet in there.

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It shouldn’t last more than a day or so. If it does, you may have problems. How are you with hot and cold substances?

Let me know how it goes; I have the same issue, and I’m hoping to avoid a root canal. :D

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I feel that seven is a little high. If they don’t call you back today- give the emergency number a call. Especially if you’re running a fever, have chills or the pain doesn’t calm down after an ibuprofen.

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Yes, it’s normal. Being that close to the nerve, it’s inflamed in there, probably. Take some Advil & let it get calmed down. An ice pack on it would be good, too, if you can manage that.

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I just hope for you that he/she will call you back with advice.
It sucks pretty much, i know, so, be fine.

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think about it. if it was close to the nerve, and maybe he even touched the nerve a bit while drilling, of course it’s gonna hurt. i wouldn’t worry too much about it unless it still hurts just as bad tomorrow when you wake up.

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@Nullo I haven’t had the “nerve” to try to eat or drink. Hahaha, get it? Nerve? I’m hilarious.
@deni Ugh, thinking about that makes me want to pass out… I hope that’s all it is.
@rebbel Thanks, me too.
@jbfletcherfan Thank you, I’ll try ice too, then.

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@ubersiren believe me i know! if i even think about going to the dentist i get the shivers. let alone thinking about the sound of that drill. brb while i spew

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Well, they called back and she’s afraid I need root canal. I think I’ll just kill myself now. If you don’t see me on here for a while, you’ll know what happened. I’m going back in a little later so she can check if the filling is just “overfilled” and causing me pain when I bite. I dunno. This is no good.

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He should have been able to see if it needed a root canal though…like, literally, with the mirror while he was in your mouth. I think? I had a really bad toothache once and they gave me a filling because he said when he had drilled down to it he could see it didn’t need a root canal…but he ended up being wrong and 6 months later, there i was crying in the dentist office at the news. but ps….it honestly wasn’t that bad. and im the biggest baby ever!

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I know (really, i do) that you would rather vanish from the planet then go to the dentist again, but just go.
Some weeks ago i had the same feeling, was about to cry (and ask for my mommy) but i went.
I had also root canal done, and after he gave me sedatives (which i asked for) the whole thing was pretty…, well…, okay.
Did almost feel nothing (pain wise).
One thing i would suggest is to close your eyes when he/she is busy, so you won’t see the tools he is using.
I didn’t do that and i saw them all and it didn’t do much good for my nerves.
Two weeks ago, when i had some cavities filled i closed them and i almost (not really) fell asleep.
Good luck.

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What time what your appointment? 2:30? Ha Ha

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to answer the original question – hells yeah!

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A root canal is scarier in prospect than in actuality; I’ve had two done. They are expensive though which is a “pain”. Good luck and let us know what’s doing with it.

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I’m back! Alive! So, we think it was just overfilled. The pain is nearly gone and I’ve now taken an ibuprofen. I ate a piece of pb bread with no problem, so I hope that’s all it was. I was a little bitter that my son got a little toy prize when I’m the one that went through all the pain. ಠ_ಠ

Thanks everyone, for your help and support!

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@ubersiren Great to hear!

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@ubersiren You’re a # 7 now? You’ll be in more pain come bedtime. Call the doc and get a prescription for pain so you can sleep. If the pain increases tomorrow, call the doc and tell him something must be done.

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Glad you figured it out!
I feel like an expert on this, I would have told you that composite fillings are always more sensitive, they also don’t last as long (I had one break while pregnant, and it turned into a huge cavity :() I got a large one filled in the back (two of them actually) and usually if it’s a root canal, it’ll hurt with hot foods…it’s normal to be sensitive to cold foods for up to a week after a filling.

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So, nobody got the “2:30” joke?

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@stratman37 Haha… I didn’t at first, but that’s good ;)

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Did you recover well?

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Yes, all seems to be back to normal. Thanks for asking!

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