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How can I improve these poems?

Asked by l4rsfps (1points) November 21st, 2012

Hi guys! I am currently in 9th grade and I have to write 2 apology poems. One has to be a sincere one and the other one an insincere one. They dont have to rhyme, but i feel like mine are terrible. Can you give me help on how to use metaphors effectively? Also how do I make it obvious that one poem is insincere and the other one is sincere. Thank you so much :)


This is just to say,
that I am sorry for cheating on you!
Forgive me
It will never happen again.
I promise,
I will never have a fall-back

You have to understand
that I will never go away from you.
But I had so much fun
this weekend

When I went out with you
it was really just to kill time.
But this weekend
was just amazing.


I always wanted you to see
how much you really mean to me
when you look at me
or even glance quick and fair
you are the cause of a feeling of despair
but right now I don’t dare
to think that you treat me as if i would be air
now, I will just pretend like
I really don’t care
We might not be a good pair.

A year later
I have come to a greater
I have now given up on you.
forgive me – how could I ever do?
Thus, I need to start again
I don’t know
will I ever find someone
like you

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