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How would you feel if some artwork you made was an unintentional joke or camp hit?

Asked by keobooks (14301points) September 30th, 2011

This is inspired from a few questions that people were asking about poetry critiques. I started thinking that thanks to sites like Youtube, something you created with serious dramatic intent may become insanely popular, but for reasons you never intended.

Would you be insulted or offended? Or would you be able to laugh it off? I wasn’t thinking of any of the works that people posted here. I was thinking of stuff like this.

Rebecca Black
Tay Zonday
Star Wars Kid

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I would feel badly. Especially when I was younger. It would not be easy for me to laugh it off most likely if I had created it in all seriousness.

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I think having anything that you’ve put your heart into mocked or ridiculed is very painful. It’s one thing to have a critical appraisal that is helpful, but it’s something else entirely to have your work seen as a joke.

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I think I would too. It’s one of the reasons I actually admire Tay Zonday. He enjoys the attention and has said he doesn’t care too much about that people make fun of him so long as they ll listen to it. He specifically made a song that was addressed this. He also sings other songs that highlight his unusual voice and still cranks out his serious work even though most likely very few people listen to it seriously.

Of course, out of the three, he’s the only one that was an adult when he made the video. That might make it different.

I would have been crushed as a kid. I once overheard my grandfather talk about a bad singer he heard on the radio. I was paranoid and somehow thought he was talking about me. I didn’t sing for two years after that.

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I would feel horrible… I’ve experienced this first hand when I was forced to make a parody of a music video I’ve only seen once for grade 7 drama… the teacher showed the class and I was a laughing stock of the school and I ran out the the class crying. I went down hill and skipped 180 days of school and fell into a depression… I still have panic attacks to this day.

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If I had intentionally put my art out into the world, then I would absolutely be able to laugh it off. I would expect any of my art to be misunderstood and ridiculed if I put it out there.

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I’d be honored.
No publicity is bad publicity, if you work it right, and the worst that could come from it would be death threats from /b/tards, which isn’t all that threatening.

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I would not like that. I’m not very good with negativity or teasing.

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It depends on the joke, doesn’t it? I think it’d be a little problematic since intent of art is important to some artists.

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That my dear, is the story of my life. If I cared, I would be dead. Good thing I don’t care. People are going to defame what they either can’t understand, or what they are told or coherced into not liking by concensus. Does opinion really have anything at all to do with a persons meaning or purpose for being creative in the first place?

No, I think it doesn’t… People like to believe they are just that important, and influential when inside the mind and heart of the artist… They simply aren’t.

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I’m ok with my art being mocked or reused. Sometimes what other people are able to come up with is far more entertaining or profound then I could envision.

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I’ll share one of my favorite works of fiction on this My Angelica. This girl decides to write the Greatest Romance Novel Ever so that she can win this writing competition. Her best friend reads it and it’s so awful that he tries to destroy the story because he’s afraid she’ll be completely humiliated and mocked for the rest of her life if anyone else reads it.

The plot part of the novel is OK, but the novel that the character wrote is so hilariously bad that it makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I read it.

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