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My digestive system never feels normal?

Asked by grevin (72points) October 7th, 2011

I always feel gassy. I eat breakfast every morning and my stomach tends to growl until lunch. After lunch, I get bad gas and sometimes stomach cramps.
It’s not very noisy most of the time, but it keeps me from being myself and makes me anti-social as I am concentrating on my gas, not the people around me. I’m a sophomore in high school and it’s hard to go through every day feeling like this and concentrate on school and friends.
It’s rare for my digestive system to feel normal and unnoticeable.

Any suggestions?

(Gas-X and Beano aren’t options for me. Too embarrassing.)

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help me out please? im desperate

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Why are Gas-X and Beano not options? Have you discussed this with your doctor?

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Because I know if I don’t add the Gas-X and Beano part – that’s all lazy people will suggest. I want to see if there’s an alternative. I don’t like jumping to conclusions on anything until I know it’s the only way.

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Sounds like either lactose or gluten intolerance to me. Both are widespread enough to be medically recognised and are best treated b avoiding products that contain those nutrients (well, they’re not in your case, which is why you’re intolerant to them).

Go see your doctor.


Have you ever had your stomach and/or digestive tract checked out by a doctor? I urge you to do so. It may be just something minor, or it could be a developing gastric ulcer. It could also be a symptom of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Get yourself checked out.

As @the100thmonkey mentioned, the lactose intolerance thing is another possibility. I am very lactose intolerant. If I drink whole milk, I get a very bad tummyache. That’s why I have to drink a special kind of milk where the lactose sugar has already been broken down.

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Chelation therapy and a colonic or in the very least a week long cleanse.

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First, welcome to Fluther. I hope you find this community as enjoyable as I have found it to be, and stick around to share with us.

I would recommend seeing your doctor and discussing it before trying this and that wholistic treatment. The doctor can test for food allergies. The doc most likely won;t recommend anything naturopathic, but once you know what’s going on, you can research it on the web and quite likely find a treatment you can manage at home. If you aren’t lactose intolerant, then try Activia, using it as they recommend.

I hope you find something to give you some relief. That sounds like a real bummer..

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This ones easy, have some bananas and stay away from beans, milk, cheese.

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It does sound like lactose intolerance. Have you tried switching your diet? How regular are you? I would make a note of what you eat – then bring your exact daily regiment and diet to your Doctor. It’s possible that you have to change a few things on your menu and you’ll be fine.

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Might be IBS too? Might want to go to the doctor?

*Activia challenge doesn’t always work.

They have a probiotic supplement in the healthfood store made by Japanese Scientists that is exceptional.

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Do you mind sharing with us what you have for your typical daily diet?
If you do go to the doctor, keep a food journal so he will have an idea if diet could be the culprit.

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IBS. you just may have to learn to deal with it.

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@Judi Yesterday I had:
Breakfast – My dad’s diabetic shake (but I don’t have diabetes, they just taste good, have a lot of protein, and are filling) and a bowl of fruit loops.
Lunch – A slice of pizza with a water
After school I run, so I’m in shape.
Dinner – Chicken stir fry with milk

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Hey, I haven’t read any other posts here so forgive me if I’m being repetitive:

My wife has been studying the mis-combination of foods which can lead to constipation, flatulence, and upset stomach. Here’s why:

Like many things, foods are either acidic or neutral in their PH levels. Some foods take a much longer time to digest than others. Fruit, for example, can digest in thirty minutes whereas a steak can take eight hours. When you combine foods that digest at different intervals, you are miscombining foods which leads to these problems. So, let’s say you eat two slices of toast, an egg, and an apple for breakfast. The apple that takes only thirty minutes to digest actually ferments in your stomach with the food that takes longer to digest which leads to that stinky air that leaves your bum and the upset stomach that you have.

Do some research on the raw food diet or just mis-combining foods in general… I bet it will at least help, if not cease, your problems. Good luck!

This is the book she’s reading:

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You can request a test to determine if you’re infected with h pylori. If negative there then learn if you have lactose or other intolerance.

Btw, what’s so embarrassing about chewing a few pills to counteract lactose in foods? You’re far from a rarity if it’s that causing your stomach problems.

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Another easy and free test is to stop eating all dairy products for a month and see what happens. No cheating.

A second culprit is gluten. The symptoms of gluten intolerance are those you list.

Here’s the gluten-free diet Try that for a month also. It is easier than you think once you get the hang of it.

I would stay far, far away from chelation or colonic cleansing, please. Can be dangerous.

A slice of pizza daily is a bad idea even without the GI problems. Pizza has gluten and cheese. Find a substitute.

I had chronic stomach aches as a young woman which no longer bother me (vegan now); my brother had an intolerance to gluten as do my middle step-son and two of his three girls. They find it easy to eat around the problem.

I would also steer clear of the lactose pills; if we were supposed to eat dairy products, we would have been born a calf.

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@gailcalled I only had the pizza because that’s all my school has on Fridays.
I’ll try not having lactose for a month, but I doubt intolerance is the case.

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@grevin: Not lactose, dear heart, but all dairy products. You can’t get a salad and a piece of fruit on Fridays? And you can’t figure out cause and effect by divine intervention. Make it a science project. Eat sorbet or sherbet for a sweet or a piece of dark chocolate; have spaghetti sauce over barley or rice noodles, buy gluten-free bread at a health food store…

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