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Should there be a Fluther for Spanish speakers,Slavic speakers,Hebrew speakers,Arabic speakers etc etc?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Whoa. Awesome idea. Yes there should! Hey Fluther doods! How well did you internationalize this project? Hmmmm?!

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maybe there could be an option to have it automatically translate responses onto each user preference?

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Globalization is part of todays society so having an international fluther would increase the knowledge base from different culture sources

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I would like one for drunks. This view is getting old.

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johnpowell, you slay me.. ha ha ha!!!!

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Very nice Johnpowell. Very unexpected.

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i need one for dutch speakers, up till now, davey and vincent help me with the big words, but this has got to end somewhere, i say “fluther, maar dan in het nederlands!” and that should be named…“fladder – tik het collectief”

just wait till the boys read this one in the morning :D

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Sometimes I think we need one for English speakers.

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I know you hate seeing this, but I really am laughing out loud.

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Yes! Please! I would love fluther in Spanish!

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