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Question about my really swollen eye?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) November 28th, 2012

I woke up my eye lid was almost completely swollen shut. I went to the urgent care doc and she said it wasn’t conjunctivis.
I took the day off prior to going.
Though she has no idea what is going on why my eye is swollen. She advices antibiotic possible infection she thinks and cool compresses fast forward 8 hours bored to death and still no response, In fact now my eye is more swollen, I am pretty sure, it’s certainly more painful and the lid is now red.
Is there anything else I could be doing for it? Should I consider seeing an eye doctor, when I pry my eye lid open vision is clear and eye is white? Or my family doc who happens to be my gastroentologist who deals with my autoimmune hepititis but knows my history? Or my naturalpath who I was seeing for advice and supplments and related problems of celiacs, but haven’t seen in a year?
How to keep entertained?
Can I justify driving with one eye, don’t other people drive this way?
Especially that I need groceries.
Best eye patch contrived from stuff found at house?

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You need to see an optometrist or other eye specialist ASAP, you vision is to important to risk.

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I’d get a second opinion. As 8 hours your eye should be easing. Not worse. Also if you can get someone to drive you. If you can see an eye specialist that would be best move, or your friend who’s a gastroenterologist, if it’s a money issue. I have zero faith in natural whatsits.

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Call your doctor again and tell her. This is a very bad sign. If you cannot reach your primary care doctor, go to the emergency room now.

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I agree with the above. If it’s getting worse, and it’s not a simple case of pink eye, this is NOT a “wait and see” kind of situation. Please go to the ER if you can’t reach your primary doctor.

If you can’t get someone to drive you, please drive as carefully and slowly as possible. You won’t have any depth perception.

Best of luck and please let us know how it goes.

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I’m confused. She said it was not conjuctivitis, but she did prescribe antibiotics? Is that correct? Are they antibiotic drops or cream? Or, pills to take orally?

It’s swollen shut? Not stuck shut, right? I just want to clarify. Is there a visible edge to the swolleness? Like it is red, and the redness is growing? The red uncomfortable area getting larger over time? Growing past your eyelid onto more of your face? Do you have any red streaks?

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Have you tried taking Benadryl? It could be an allergic reaction, and Benadryl usually helps with that.

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Thanks all.

It was pills. And she said it could be some sort of infection.
On my way to see an optometrist soon, I did take some benedryl and that does bring some relief.

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I’m afraid it is cellulitis? Which if it is continuing to spread is an emergency. The questions I asked would indicate if it might be.

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@JLeslie what is cellulitis?

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A skin infection that can spread to the blood or lymph system. It can start from any sort of small tear in the skin, from a bug bite, scratch, etc. It isn’t uncommon for it to be on the face or near the eye. Happens on legs quite often also. Anyway, the area would be red, usually warm, swollen or hard, and painful. A red area that grows, usually about a centemeter every 12 hours, but not always. It’s good to trace with a pen the perimeter of the red area so you can track carefully if it is spreading. Antibitiocs should stop it from growing within 24 hours, and start reducing the area within 48 if they are working effectively. But, I have no idea if this is what you have. You still haven’t answered the questions. Is your eye stuck shut, or just swollen shut? Is the red area consistantly growing larger?

Cellulitis can be deadly, it is very serious. However, I don’t believe you have the necrotizing bacteria everyone talks about, don’t freak out and think it is that.

Which antibiotic are you taking? Is it Keflex? Omnicef?

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Swollen shut. Ciperox.

And it turns out it was an upperlid infection coupled with pressure generated from inside the eye. Something about prolonged sickness and buildup of fluids in my head. Plus some sort of outside contaminate. The switched the meds I’m waiting for it to be filled I forgot the name. told me hot and cold alternate and neosporin. Told me to throw away my eye make up, I had already done that.

They did mention something about cellulitis. Too much info too fast. Thanks for the help. I am glad I figured out the right place to go.

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Hopefully this will do the trick.

As an aside, mascara often is the culprit of eye infection. Even if you geerally keep your eye shadows for 3 years, make sure you never keep mascara after 6 months. I agree, best to get rid of all your eye makeup to be sure at this point.

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My makeup always lasts way too long, they need to start making smaller containers for people who only occasionally use. That indeed might have been the guilty party new idea put the toss date on the container somewhere.

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I agree about making smaller containers, or less product in the container.

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Well that is useful information I am ashamed to say how old some of my make up is gosh. I need to do a clear out.

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